3D shape hunt

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. Over the half term, please go on a shape hunt! See if you can find real life examples of:







Once you have found the different shapes, please count the corners and edges and identify the faces.

Happy shape hunting!


Superhero day


Superhero day was a big success, the boys looked fantastic in their home made costumes, the effort and hard work put into them was impressive!

We played lots of games that promoted our Super learner characteristics, including:

Logic alley- the boys decided which side of the debate they agreed with. Members of one side tried to persuade others on the opposing side to join them by giving their reasoning for questions such as, “Would you rather fly or be invisible?”.

Memory game- the boys worked in teams to copy the picture, they only had 10 second slots to look at the picture!

Real life superheroes- Comparisons were made between real and fictional superheroes during a patchwork activity, for example; Policemen, Firemen and Doctors.

We enjoyed superhero crafts throughout the day and a special trip to Green Meadow at the end of the day.

Superhero potion making:

Learning about 3D shapes and their properties was lots of fun too! We played different games, including, ‘guess the shape’ and shape bingo.

 Have a lovely half term!

Star boy, W.B: 25.02.19

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero, this can be a famous superhero or someone you know:

Monday: Emilio

Tuesday: Eren

Wednesday: Ethan

Thursday: Kaius

Friday: Kore

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 25.02.19: Take off your jumper independently.




Please measure different members of your family using your hands (predict how many hands you think before measuring). Make sure the base of your hand is at the person’s heel. Be careful not to overlap your hands and that your fingers reach the top of their head at the end. Have fun!



Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! The boys listened to the Chinese New Year story and learnt lots of facts. Michael taught us how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin.

Thank you Ms Zhao for reading us a Chinese story, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

We enjoyed measuring using our hands and cubes this week. We measured superheroes and each other. We also had a go at weighing using the scales and compared different objects.

We have been playing lots of team games recently, here we are working in pairs to build a bridge over the pretend river.


Star boy, W.B: 11.02.19

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero, this can be a famous superhero or someone you know:

Monday: Andrey

Tuesday: Arran

Wednesday:  Austin

Thursday: Blake

Friday: Danveer

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 11.02.19: Use your knife and fork.


We have continued to focus on addition and subtraction this week, noticing the different symbols and understanding that subtraction is less and addition is more.

It has been lots of fun listening to the story Supertato and then making our own Supertato and the vegetables from the story.

Don’t forget our drop in session next Friday, the boys are looking forward to sharing their work and classroom with you all after school.

Star boy, W.B: 04.02.19
Please bring in a photo of you and your family over the Christmas period.
Monday: Nathan
Tuesday: Robin
Wednesday: Xander
Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero, this can be a famous superhero or someone you know:
Thursday: Alec
Friday: Andrew