Place Value Challenge

For Maths homework this week, could you please use your laminated 100 square and pick some two digit numbers at random. Look at the first digit within the number and count out how many ‘tens’ it has using your fingers by counting aloud in tens putting up all ten fingers. Next, look at the second digit to identify how many ‘ones’ there are and then count out how many ones there are using your fingers.


Sports Day Fun

During Maths this week, we focused on place value. We used the Dienes, Numicon and money the work out how many 10’s and 1’s are in a number.


Sports Day was a big success, the boys had a great day and all tried their best!


We had fun exploring different textures and patterns by painting with the cars.


Mrs Hillcoat started making fruit smoothies with us this week.


Star boy, wb : 2.7.18

Please bring in your favourite mode of transport and some information about it:

Monday: Kushal

Tuesday: Ricardo

Wednesday: Savan

Thursday: Vinon

Friday: No star boy



Missing Numbers

For Maths this week we have been learning about missing numbers. Please fill in the missing numbers:

2, 4, _, 8, _, 12.


5, 10, _, 20, _, 30


10, 20, 30, _, 50, 60, _, 80.


5 + _ = 9


7 + _ = 10


10 + _ = 12


_ + 2 = 10


_ + 5 = 15



Missing Number and Aeroplanes

This week we learnt about missing numbers, patterns of numbers and operational signs. The boys were very good at noticing the different patterns, e.g. counting in 5’s or 10’s.


For Art we carefully drew around transport stencils and used our colouring mixing skills from last week to paint the different vehicles.

 We have been learning about different transport in our Understand of the World lessons and answering the questions the boys thought of over the holidays. This week we focussed on cars.

 Fun exploring the Green Meadow on Thursday:


We followed instructions and made paper aeroplanes on Friday:


During Circle time this week we thought about all the different things we are thankful for this year, we are going to make a thankful tree and look forward to showing you on Tuesday at our drop in session after Sports day.


Star boy, wb : 25.6.18

Please bring in your favourite mode of transport and some information about it:

Monday: Ezekiel

Tuesday: Finn

Wednesday: Harry

Thursday: Jack

Friday: Krish



Estimate then Measure

Select a number of objects you would like to measure the length of. Then estimate how many hands or feet long you think it will be. Lastly, measure your items using your hands or feet and compare this with your estimation.


RAF Museum

We had a great day on Thursday at the RAF Museum. It was very exciting travelling on a coach, looking at all the different planes and having our lunch! We helped teddy to find his lost uniform around the Museum and then awarded him with a special medal. The boys were also awarded a medal and saluted each other. A fantastic experience!


During Maths, this week we measured large objects using our hands and feet but found that it wasn’t very easy to measure shorter things with our hands and feet! We decided to use cubes and it worked much better. Before measuring, we estimated how long the objects were.


Star boy, wb : 18.6.18

Monday: Savan

Please bring in your favourite mode of transport and some information about it:

Tuesday: Cruz

Wednesday: Daniel

Thursday: Dylan

Friday: Evren



This week we have learnt about estimating. Please could you find different sized containers and fill them with varying objects such as stones, coins or marbles. Estimate how many are in the container and record your estimation. Once you’ve estimated, please count to compare your estimate with the amount. Have fun!



Estimating and Colour Mixing

This week we learnt about estimating. We used different sized containers and different objects to estimate and then record our findings.


We experimented with colour mixing, using our hands!

Half of the class went to Welly Time at the Green Meadow.

Thank you for all the coins and bottle tops, our sea themed mosaic was a great success and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Star boy, wb : 11.6.18

Please bring some facts about your favourite minibeast:

Monday: Krish

Tuesday: Kushal

Wednesday: Ricardo

Thursday: Savan

Friday: Vinon