Shape hunt challenge

Go on a shape hunt around your home or out and about. Please see if you can find the following:







When you have found the shapes, count the corners and sides.

Good luck shape hunting!


Start of the Christmas fun!

We started to write our letters to Santa on Monday, we talked about how letters start with ‘Dear’ or ‘To’ and end with ‘From’. We tried to write in our best writing to impress Santa!

Lots of working designing, making and wrapping toys in Santa’s workshop.

Here we are using the houses we made last week to act out the story of the 3 little pigs:

We started our Christmas clay decorations this week so they dry in time to paint next week. We had to put lots of effort into rolling the clay and pushing down onto the cutters to make the shapes.

We also started making snowmen this week with Mrs Hillcoat, all the boys will have a chance to make one, take it home and eat it!

For Maths we continued looking at 1 more and addition. We had some number cards set out, chose a card and added that many presents to the bag, chose another card and added the presents. We recorded the number sentence and then found the total. We looked at 2D shapes, focussing on squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We played ‘Guess the Shape’ game and made pictures using shapes.

We had a very special visit from Tall stories on Thursday who performed the story of ‘The Snow Dragon’.

Next week we will be busy preparing for our Christmas performance, please do practise the songs at home. Look forward to seeing you all there!


Star boy, wb : 27.11.17

Please bring in a photo or drawing of your favourite room in your house:

Monday: Shanindu

Please bring in your favourite Christmas story

Tuesday: Cruz

Wednesday: Daniel

Thursday: Dylan

Friday: Evren



Continuing addition

The maths activity this week is a continuation from last week, please practise the sums below, using your fingers. Please leave a comment on this blog post to tell us how you got on.









I will huff and puff, and blow your house down!

It was good fun designing our own ‘Dream Houses’ on Monday, we gave our dream house a name and came up with some interesting ideas we would like in our house, for example, a waterslide and flying cars!

For Maths we focussed on 13 and 14 and continued with addition. We lined up and counted 13 boys in our class, we then completed some addition number sentences.

We have been continuing with learning new letter sounds, writing words and simple sentences.

We read 3 little pigs and related it to our homes and houses topic. We then had a letter from the 3 little pigs, asking us to help them to build new houses and to try and find the wolf!

For Understanding the World, we looked at famous buildings including the Taj Mahal and The Sydney Opera House.

Thank you to Miss Bailey who has been preparing Santa’s Workshop for the boys to start using on Monday!

Star boy, wb : 20.11.17

Please bring in a photo or drawing of your favourite room in your house:

Monday: Jack

Tuesday: Krish

Wednesday: Kushal

Thursday: Ricardo

Friday: Savan



Houses and Homes

We started our new topic of ‘Houses and Homes’ this week. We talked about different rooms in our homes and created our own booklets. We made buildings using the Lego and looked through non-fiction books about houses.

We have continued with our numbers and adding together 2 numbers. We have looked at using our fingers, bead strings and objects when solving addition problems.

Here we are during a Mindfulness session. Closing our eyes, thinking of our breathing and imagining floating up to the sky with our thoughts and worries drifting away.

For Art this week we created our own self-portraits, we looked carefully at our facial features including, eyelashes and eyebrows.



Star boy, wb : 13.11.17

Please bring in a photo or drawing of your favourite room in your house:

Monday: Dylan

Tuesday: Evren

Wednesday: Ezekiel

Thursday: Finn

Friday: Harry


Maths Challenge

This week we have been adding numbers together practically. For the maths challenge this week, please choose two numbers to add together that equal up to 10. To complete this, please use objects and your fingers to help you.


Teamwork is key!

We started off the week with a Halloween themed Maths lesson: We had a black cauldron and took turns to pick a number and add spooky objects into our spooky soup. We also looked at the addition sign ‘+’ and had a go at adding numbers together using the objects. To help us understand addition, we used a bead string.

Hopefully we will see you at the Maths workshop on Wednesday when we will have a chance to explain our Maths teaching techniques in more detail. You will also have the chance to look at the boys’ classroom and work.

We celebrated bonfire night by creating our own firework pictures using paint and glitter. We also talked about the reason for bonfire night and the importance of staying safe.


For literacy this week, we have been continuing with our sounds and using our phonic knowledge to write some simple words. The boys really enjoyed the buried treasure Phonic game, please see link below if you would like to play at home:



We started Welly time this week, half the boys went this week and the other half will go next week.

Outside on the bikes and scooters and building dens:

We had lots of fun team building during the Maths Workshop today:

Please find the boys’ Christmas cards in their book bags, it would be lovely if we could have the examples back because we want to put them on display.

Star boy, wb : 6.11.17

Please bring in a picture or photo of you and your family:

Monday: Savan

Tuesday: Shanindu

Wednesday:  Kushal


Please bring in a photo or drawing of your favourite room in your house:

Thursday: Cruz

Friday: Daniel