This week in maths we have explored different maths vocabulary. For the maths activity this week could you please practise using the terms ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘between’ and finding the ‘difference’. E.g. 5 more than 7, 3 less than 10, find a number between 15 and 25 and find the difference between 7 and 11. Have fun!


Stars in their Eyes

Mrs Curran and I are so very proud of all the Reception boys. They put on an amazing show, spoke clearly in their loud voices, sung beautifully, sat still and straight and made everyone laugh! The show had a very important message about working as a team, being brave, taking our time, putting in our best effort and aiming high. This year the boys have shown they can achieve all of these important life skills and I am sure they will continue to develop them as they move up the school. Well done boys!

Thank you to Mrs Lund and Miss Attzs for putting together the performance and all your hard work.

In Maths this week we have been learning about the meaning of: before, after, between and difference in relation to numbers.

The boys had a special treat on Wednesday as they did so well during the performance and achieved 6 lining up awards. They chose to decorate the classroom with lots of colour and glitter!


“This is Space”

Thank you Mrs Moochhala for talking to the boys about Eid and Ramadan. We learnt lots about fasting and celebrations. We enjoyed listening to the stories and trying the dates!

Star boy week beginning: 03.07.17, please bring in some information about your favourite mode of transport.

Monday: Seth

Tuesday: Thomas K

Wednesday: Thomas S

Thursday: Tom

Friday: William


Maths game

For the maths activity this week, please could you play this game at home. Roll the die and lay out the amount of pennies that are shown on the die. Keep rolling and add more pennies. When you have 10 or more pennies, swap this for a 10p coin. Repeat by rolling the die and adding more pennies to the 10p coin you currently have and then substitute this for a 20p coin. Continue to get to 30p by using  20p+10p, 50p and you might even reach £1! You can also use 5p  coins within the game as well. Have fun!


Fun in the Sun!

During Literacy we wrote about our visit to the RAF Museum and for Phonics we learnt the new sound ‘oy’. We compared it to the sound ‘oi’ and discussed how ‘oy’ often comes at the end of words but we found that words do not always follow the rules!

For Maths this week we have been learning about place value. We enjoyed playing the coins game where we had to roll the die, collect pennies and swap 10 pennies for a 10p coin. We looked at hundreds, tens and ones and made a variety of numbers using the dice.

We focussed on trains this week and learnt about the history of trains and the bullet train in Japan.

We had a great Enviro day, exploring the outdoors and participating in activities such as photography, mud art, making seed men and leaf collages.

We have been working hard on using our loud voices and practising our singing for our performance on Tuesday, we are looking forward to performing to our families!

Star boy week beginning: 26.06.17, please bring in some information about your favourite mode of transport.

Monday: Harry

Tuesday: Hasan

Wednesday: Jax

Thursday: Oliver

Friday: Priyan


Can you fill in the missing numbers?

During Maths this week we have been using cubes and a number line to help us work out the missing numbers. Can you fill in the missing numbers:

4 + ? = 6 <– find 6 objects, put 4 in one hand, how many in the other?

8 + ? = 10

5 + ? = 5

10 + ? = 15

? + 12 = 20


7 – ? = 5 <– Find 7 on a number line, jump back to 5, how many jumps?

10 – ? = 3

12 – ? = 6

20 – ? = 10

17 – ? = 4


A wonderful week.

For Maths this week we have been learning about ‘missing numbers’, including ordering of numbers and addition and subtraction number sentences.

During Literacy, we made paper aeroplanes and decided before we made them we would need instructions to help us. We talked about instructions and how you have to be ‘bossy’ when giving instructions. We carefully followed the instructions and made our planes. We then tested their flying ability outside.

For Understanding of the World we focused on aeroplanes and found out that the wind helps aeroplanes to fly and the plane’s engine is designed to move it forward at high speed. We also looked at the history of planes.


RAF Museum:

We had a wonderful time at the Museum, exploring all the planes and helicopters, pretending to be pilots, learning about the war planes, hunting for Teddy’s clothes and having our packed lunch!

It was good fun travelling on the coach:

Well done boys, you were all fantastic!

Don’t forget our whole school photo on Monday, please can boys be wearing their grey shorts and white polo shirts.

See you tomorrow for the Summer Fete!

Star boy week beginning: 19.06.17, please bring in some information about your favourite mode of transport.

Monday: Aydin

Tuesday: Bosco

Wednesday: Charlie

Thursday: Christopher

Friday: Dylan


Estimate, then measure!

Select a number of objects you would like to measure the length of. Then estimate how many hands or feet long you think it will be. Lastly, measure your items using your hands or feet and compare this with your estimation.


Select two objects you would like to measure the weight of. Then estimate which one will be the heaviest or lightest giving reasons why. We have discussed in class that size doesn’t necessarily determine its weight. Lastly, measure the weight of the items by feeling them in your hands or using weighing scales.



Happy Seventieth Anniversary

We had lots of interesting questions about our new topic ‘transport’, I will start doing some research and answer these throughout the term!

During Maths this week we have been measuring using cubes, our hands and feet. We estimated before measuring different objects. We have also been weighing different objects and we found out that if an object is big, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be heavy.

For Literacy, we had a go at making lists of different kinds of transport we have used. We talked about why lists are useful and the kind of things we use them for. We learnt some new sounds, ‘ay’ and ‘ow’ and compared them to ‘ai’ and ‘ou’. We discussed how ‘ay’ and ‘ow’ are often found at the end of words, although, not all words follow the rules!

Making the coin mosaic was lots of fun, we enjoyed working with the older boys and making the final product. We also enjoyed our special anniversary biscuits and balloons!

On Friday afternoon we had no tables, it was lovely having lots of space to draw and make puppet shows!


Remember Mufti Day on Monday, the boys can wear their own clothes and can bring in Sports equipment for the PTA Summer Fete.

Star boy week beginning: 12.06.17, please bring in the life cycle of your favourite animal.

Monday: Tom

Tuesday: William

Wednesday: Zachary

Thursday: Alexis – Please bring in some information about your favourite mode of transport.

Friday: No Star boy due to our class trip.