Can you smell the coffee?

This week we have concluded our focus on our senses and we have looked at the sense of touch and smell. The boys created beautiful texture books and they wrote fabulous adjectives to describe the different materials. The boys also wrote adjectives to describe the objects they could feel in the ‘feely box’.

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To explore our sense of smell the boys took part in an investigation where they were given four pots to smell. The boys needed to decide whether they liked or disliked the smell and then guess what the smell actually was. The boys did brilliantly and all have discerning olfactory systems.

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In Mathematics this week we have worked on the numbers 14 and 15. In Literacy we have focused on writing and reading the letters d and g.

This afternoon our Groundsman brought in a visitor to RA. He carried a toad that he found in the flowerbeds for all the boys to see. We were all amazed at the size of the toad!

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Next half term our Topic will be Houses and Buildings. We encourage ‘Star Boys’ to talk about their homes or buildings they have visited or particularly like. If you visit any places with interesting buildings please email photographs and we would love to share these.

We hope you enjoyed looking at all the lovely work that the boys have done. We hope you agree that they have all been very industrious.

We wish you all a very happy and restful half term break and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd November.

Thank you again for all you support

Mrs Cortes and Miss Fletcher



A tasty week indeed!

We have continued to focus on our senses and this week we have been learning about taste. We started the week reading ‘Pumpkin Soup’. This book tackles friendship, sharing and also our sense of taste.

During our ‘Understanding the World’ lesson the boys engaged in a tasting session of their own. They blind tasted popcorn of the sweet and salty variety and they were asked to predict which was which. The boys did brilliantly and their predictions were spot on! 049

In our ‘Expressive Art and Design’ session this week, the boys have been looking closely at different fruits. Their observational drawings were so accurate and detailed!



The boys have continued to enjoy this dry Autumnal weather and have enjoyed exploring the Adventure Playground. The naughts and crosses game is a real hit!


This week we have been learning about the numbers 12 and 13 and the boys have engaged in practical activities to reinforce this.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Have a lovely weekend!


What do you hear?

This week we have continued to learn about our senses. We have been focusing on hearing. We have read ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’.

The boys enjoyed seeing the model of the ear that the Science Department kindly lent us.


The boys also used the garden. They loved digging and transporting the soil.

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This week we have focused on numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11. We have concentrated on the c, k and e sounds and forming these correctly using cursive script.


A special thank you to Miss Hawkins who kindly gave us the rocket that was used at the ‘Big Draw’ event last week. The boys absolutely loved painting it again.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our Harvest Assembly on Friday 16th October.


Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely weekend!




What have we been doing this week?

The boys have now been in school full time and it has been wonderful watching them explore and learn in the afternoons. We have been really busy and here is a little snapshot of what we have been up to.


This is this week’s focus book.

We have talked about rhyme, rhythm and the repetitive nature of the book. The boys have written their own ending to this popular book. During our Art sessions the boys have used different materials with a range of textures and shades of brown to collage a large bear. Look out for our new display which will appear shortly!


Our collage in progress.


Linked to our story and our topic in Understanding the World we have been focusing on our senses. In particular we have learnt about sight. The Science Department kindly lent us their model of an eye and the boys were fascinated by it.

We have been so lucky this week as the weather has been so beautiful. We have made the most of this and enjoyed Maths and Phonic activities outside. We have now covered the following sounds: s,a,t,i,p and n.

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Thank you for all the superb homework we have received.

Thank you for all the brilliant ‘Show and Tell’ this week and we are looking forward to more next week.

Please remember to check on the door for your ‘Star Boy’ day.

Have a wonderful weekend!