Happy Easter!

During Maths this week we went on an Easter egg number hunt, we used the numbers to make addition and subtraction number sentences.


We went on a Spring hunt, taking photos of signs of Spring using the iPads.


On the scooters and bikes:

The boys have worked incredibly hard this term and have achieved so much, they should be very proud of themselves. Have a lovely Easter break!

 Star boy, W.B: 22.04.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Thursday: Michael

Friday: Milan

The boys have enjoyed developing their independence and organisational skills, we have finished our weekly challenges. 



Easter Celebrations

We listened to the Easter story and sequenced the main events.

 This week we recapped the sounds ‘ear’, ‘ur’, ‘ow’ and ‘nk’, along with the homework, please recap these sounds.

 During Maths this week we looked at patterns, we made our own patterns using a range of resources.


A trip to Green Meadow:


The boys had great fun during the Easter Egg hunt, it was very exciting to meet Peter Rabbit and Sonic. Thank you to the PTA for organising it and for the Easter Eggs!


We miss the ducklings so we decided to do some writing about them:

Don’t forget Mufti day on Monday- the boys can come in their own clothes.

Star boy, W.B: 01.04.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Kyan

Tuesday: Matthew

Wednesday: Maurice

Thursday: Finish at 12

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 01.04.19: Line up smartly and quietly with your hands by your side.



Spend some money

Could you please visit a real shop to buy some small items such as sweets that cost less than £1 or 50p. Take a range of coins with you and practise counting in ones, twos and tens. Furthermore, if you have a toy till at home, practise using coins to buy different items. Have fun!


Goodbye Ducklings

Cally (Mrs Demetriou’s dog) and friends visited us on Tuesday. The dogs help people who have suffered from a stroke with their recovery. The dogs were very calm and gentle and showed us some of the games they play.


The ducklings have been enjoying the water and cuddles from the boys. They are now going back to the Incredible egg farm where they will have lots of fun with other ducks and their very own pond! It has been an amazing experience watching the ducklings hatch and grow, the boys made special cards and letters to the company to say thank you.



We had fun playing shops this week, recognising different coins and adding amounts together.


Star boy, W.B: 25.03.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Emilio

Tuesday: Eren

Wednesday: Ethan

Thursday: Kaius

Friday: Kore

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 25.03.19: Sit still and cross your legs on the carpet.



Telling the time

This week we have been learning about time, please draw some clocks with numbers 1-12. Please then add a minute hand and a hour hand to display different o’clock times. We have been drawing the hands in class and the boys have learnt that the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand and that both hands need to start from the middle and be drawn in a straight line. As an extension, please draw some half past times. Please write the times you made by commenting on this post. Have fun!




We started off Science week with a very exciting assembly, we experienced chemical and physical reactions. We then had a Science workshop throughout the day, digging for dinosaur bones and making our own dinosaur teeth.


Then on Tuesday our Duck eggs arrived!


And on Wednesday our first duckling hatched! The boys were amazed to watch the duckling take his first steps, fluff his feathers and chirp very loudly.


Thursday, Fluffy and Ryan hatched and Chippy and Fluffy moved to their new home.


Don’t forget to watch the videos of the ducklings:


We enjoyed making brain hats and playing brain games for Science week.

 We learnt about floating and sinking.


Star boy, W.B: 18.03.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Andrey

Tuesday: Arran

Wednesday: Austin

Thursday: Blake

Friday: Danveer

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 18.03.19: Check your drawers at home time.



Hit the Button

The maths activity this week is as follows:

 Please use the game below: Press the ‘Halves’ button to start and select ‘Halves to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. Please use objects to work out the answers, for example: half of 10, count out 10 objects, you can then use the method ‘one for me, one for you’ method to find half. Have fun!



Tell me a story..

The boys were so good at doubling last week, we moved onto halving numbers and shapes this week! We talked about sharing and how the two amounts need to be ‘equal’. We also looked at odd and even numbers.


We worked in groups to make our own story maps, we discussed the setting, characters, problem, solution and the key language used.


During World Book day we created speech bubbles for traditional tale characters and we started a Newsround project.  The Year 2 boys came and interviewed us about World Book day. Thank you Mrs Weinburg for reading us your story, it was good fun! Mrs Weinburg kindly gave all the boys a copy of her book to keep at home.


Star boy, W.B: 11.03.19

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero, this can be a famous superhero or someone you know:

Monday: Nathan

Tuesday: Robin

Wednesday: Xander

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Thursday: Alec

Friday: Andrew

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 11.03.19: Share with others.



Doubling Numbers

The boys really enjoyed doubling this week. Please use the game below to double numbers. Press the ‘Doubles’ button to start and select ‘Doubles to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. Please use your fingers to work out the answers, unless you have already memorised them! For numbers that will total more than 10, put one number in your head and count on with your fingers. Have fun!