A Wonderful Year in Reception

We are incredibly proud of all the boys in RG. They have been a pleasure to teach, always so enthusiastic about learning and have supported each other throughout the year. They should be very proud of the progress they have made and we hope they have a fantastic summer with all their family and friends.

Well done boys,

Miss Gouldthorpe and Mrs Aldridge



The Selfish Crocodile

The Selfish Crocodile

The boys put on an amazing show! They used their loud voices and stepped into the role of their characters. We are all so very proud of how far they have come, their confidence shined through during the performance. Well done boys!

The boys have enjoyed visiting their new classroom this week. Year 1 visited us with some transition books they had made for us.


Thank you Mrs Catherall for teaching us some Makaton.

No star boy next week.

Don’t forget our school photo on Wednesday the 10th.

On Thursday we will finish at 12pm.



Place value homework

For Maths homework this week, could you please use your laminated 100 square and pick some two digit numbers at random. Look at the first digit within the number and count out how many ‘tens’ it has using your fingers by counting aloud in tens. Next, look at the second digit to identify how many ‘ones’ there are and then count out how many ones there are using your fingers.


Sports day!

We were very lucky to have a talk with Nathaniel’s Daddy on Monday who is a pilot for the RAF, he taught us lots of new and interesting facts about planes. He inspired us to work hard, focus and question the world around us.

The rain stayed away and Sports day was a big success! Well done boys!

On Friday we visited the Science lab where Mrs Craig had some very interesting things for us to look at, including a robin’s nest and some dead hornets!

We have been very busy preparing for our Reception performance this week. We are looking forward to performing The selfish crocodile to all of our families!

 Star boy, W.B: 01.07.19

Please bring a song to sing to your class:

Monday: Milan

Tuesday: Nathan

Wednesday: Robin

Thursday: Xander

Friday: No star boy



Welly Day and RAF Museum

Welly Day

Den building, leaf rubbings and welly printing.

Making mud faces:

Making minibeasts at Green meadow:


During pond dipping we found some pond snails, newts and pond skaters.

It was lots of fun travelling to the RAF Museum on the coach. We got to see many types of transport, including the Queen’s helicopter and a flying boat! We helped Teddy find his uniform around the museum and explored the playground.

 Star boy, W.B: 24.06.19

Please bring a song to sing to your class:

Monday: Kore

Tuesday: Kyan

Wednesday: Matthew

Thursday: Maurice

Friday: Michael



Missing Numbers

For Maths this week we have been learning about missing numbers. Please fill in the missing numbers:

2, 4, _, 8, _, 12.


5, 10, _, 20, _, 30


10, 20, 30, _, 50, 60, _, 80.


5 + _ = 9


7 + _ = 10


10 + _ = 12


_ + 2 = 10


_ + 5 = 15



We continued with estimating this week and used cubes to measure different objects, including superheroes and modes of transport. We also looked at missing numbers and number patterns.


We discussed the different types of transport we have used and created our own underground maps during Literacy.

 During Understanding of the World we learnt about trains and designed our own trains.


Don’t forget Welly day on Wednesday, please wear clothes that you can get muddy. We have your wellies at school and we will change your shoes here.

Star boy, W.B: 17.06.19

Please bring a song to sing to your class:

Monday: Danveer

Tuesday: Emilio

Wednesday: Eren

Thursday: Kaius

Friday: No star boy- RAF Museum




This week in Maths we have learnt about estimating. For homework this week please could you find different sized containers and fill them with varying objects such as stones, coins or marbles. Estimate how many are in the container and record your estimation. Once you’ve estimated, please count to compare your estimate to the amount. Please comment on this blog post to say how you got on. Have fun!



Thank you for the questions about transport, we started off our Understanding of the World lessons with learning about helicopters and aeroplanes.

During Maths this week we learnt about estimating.


We experimented with mixing colours by using our hands.


A little party for Ethan who we will miss very much!


The coin mosaic was lots of fun, the boys worked with Year 8 boys to create their coin mosaic:


Remember Sports Mufti day on Monday and our whole school photo on Friday.

 Star boy, W.B: 10.06.19

Please bring a song to sing to your class:

Monday: Andrew

Tuesday: Andrey

Wednesday: Arran

Thursday: Austin

Friday: Blake



Telling the time

In Maths we revisited telling the time. The boys enjoyed making clocks and playing time games including ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. For homework this week, could you please use the paper plates clocks sent home to make o’clock times. We have also been looking at half past so please practise this too.