Summer term begins

Welcome back!

The boys have been enjoying sharing their holiday news and all their fantastic homework! There will be no homework this week, we will start again next week.

We have started our new topic ‘growing’ and have been exploring the garden centre in the role play area. We will be learning about plants and trees, animals and their young and growing up. The boys are going to have a think over the weekend whether they have any questions about our topic that they would like us to explore.


Star boy, W.B: 29.04.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Nathan

Tuesday: Robin

Wednesday: Xander

Please bring in a picture of you as a baby:

Thursday: Alec

Friday: Andrew



Happy Easter!

During Maths this week we went on an Easter egg number hunt, we used the numbers to make addition and subtraction number sentences.


We went on a Spring hunt, taking photos of signs of Spring using the iPads.


On the scooters and bikes:

The boys have worked incredibly hard this term and have achieved so much, they should be very proud of themselves. Have a lovely Easter break!

 Star boy, W.B: 22.04.19

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Thursday: Michael

Friday: Milan

The boys have enjoyed developing their independence and organisational skills, we have finished our weekly challenges.