Subtraction Game

For the Maths homework activity could you please use dice to subtract numbers. Throw two dice, start with the biggest number and subtract the smaller number. To extend this beyond 6, use one of your laminated number cards, roll the die and subtract using your fingers.


Noah’s Ark

This week during Maths we have been learning how to subtract. We have talked about the different language relating to subtraction and completed number sentences using a range of strategies, including: using toys, our fingers and crossing out pictures.

We read the story of Noah’s Ark which the boys really enjoyed. We then recorded the main events of the story, the boys beautiful writing will be displayed in the classroom. The boys also enjoyed playing the Noah’s Ark game and painting rainbows.

We learnt how rainbows are formed during our Understanding of the World lesson.

During Explore and Learn time outside on Thursday, some of the boys went on a winter scavenger hunt. They enjoyed it so much, they created their own hunt.

Star boy, W.B: 28.01.19

Please bring in a photo of you and your family over the Christmas period.

Monday: Kyan

Tuesday: Matthew

Wednesday: Maurice

Thursday: Michael

Friday: Milan

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 28.01.19: Line up smartly and quietly with your hands by your side.


Addition homework

For the Maths homework this week could you please complete the following:

Choose a number between 0-10, 0-20 or higher. Roll a die and add this to your first number using your fingers. If the number will total more than 10, place the largest number in your head and count on with your fingers.



We have been very busy during our first full week back…
Learning how to add two numbers together using objects, Numicon and our fingers.

We started our superhero topic, we have a superhero headquarters and we read the story Superworm. We made our own superworms!

Sewing raindrops:

Star boy, W.B: 21.01.19
Please bring in a photo of you and your family over the Christmas period.
Monday: Emilio
Tuesday: Eren
Wednesday: Ethan
Thursday: Kaius
Friday: Kore

Weekly challenge: Check your shoes are on the right feet.



Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see the boys on Thursday and hear all about their Christmas holidays!

They quickly settled back into routine and have been enjoying catching up with their friends.

We started looking at the 100 square this week and missing numbers. We looked at the number patterns and how this can help us when filling in missing numbers.

We also talked about the new year and made some resolutions!

The boys met our class bear this week and voted for his name…. George. George will be going home with a different boy each weekend, we look forward to hearing about all the different adventures he has.

Star boy, W.B: 14.01.19

Please bring in a photo of you and your family over the Christmas period.

Monday: Andrey

Tuesday: Arran

Wednesday: Austin

Thursday: Blake

Friday: Danveer

Our new weekly challenge starting on the 14.01.19: Sit smartly on your chair and tuck it under the table.