Have a Happy Half Term

Spooky Maths: We looked at adding different amounts together using the spooky creatures and cauldron.


After half term we will be learning about ‘Houses and Homes’. On Wednesday we looked at different types of houses and designed and made our own buildings.


Don’t forget our Maths Workshop and drop in session on Friday the 9th November. If you cannot make it, please let us know and we will send home your son’s books for you to look at over the weekend.

Please take a look at the ‘Been there, Done it’ blog, we have been looking at it in class and Mrs Price would love to hear how you are all getting on with the challenges.

 The boys have been working really well as a team and collected all of the pieces for Mrs Potato Head so as a special treat we watched some of Madagascar and had some popcorn! A fantastic first half term for everyone! Well done boys, keep up the hard work.


Star boy, W.B: 05.11.18

Please could the boys bring in something to show about their favourite toy or hobby:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Xander

Please could you bring a picture/photo of your favourite space in your house:

Wednesday: Alec

Thursday: Andrew

Friday: Andrey

 Our new weekly challenge of ‘Zip your coat up’ starts on the 06.11.18. Please practise this over the half term.



Number writing

The boys have been doing very well learning how to write their numbers. For homework, please can you practise writing numbers, focussing on 5-9. When writing numbers, don’t forget to start at the top! Please let us know how you get on by commenting on this blog post or bring in independent work from home, which we can display on our ‘independence wall’. Have fun!


Autumn Leaves

After hearing the story ‘Leaf man’, we went outside looking for him. We decided to collect our own leaves and make our own leaf men.


We discussed our sense of touch this week and described different textures. We made our own texture books which we will display in our classroom. We also used our sense of smell to guess what’s in the pot!


For number 8 this week, we made our own spiders (making sure they had 8 legs!).


We saw the gardeners clearing up all the leaves around school, so we decided to lend them a hand and collect the leaves in our Reception garden. We found some wiggly worms but don’t worry… we put them in a safe place!


We started Welly Time on Wednesday, 10 boys went and the other 10 will go next week. The boys went on a bear hunt and created a big bear using natural materials.


Star boy, W.B: 22.10.18

Please could the boys bring in something to show about their favourite toy or hobby:

Monday: Michael

Tuesday: Milan

Wednesday: Nathan

Thursday: Robin

Friday: No school


Our new weekly challenge of ‘Put your book and book bag in the box’ starts on the 22.10.18. In the morning the boys come in, take their reading record and book out of their book bags and place it in the correct coloured box, they then put their book bag away. If they are not sure what colour box, they can check the star on their reading record.




For the maths homework activity this week could you please complete the following activity:

Lay out your laminated number cards facing downwards. Turn one over and draw that number of objects and/or practise writing the number. Continue until you have turned over all numbers. Please comment on this blog post to say how you got on. You can do this by clicking on the heart on the left hand side of this post. Have fun!


Popcorn tasting

We read Pumpkin soup this week and made a list of ingredients and used food magazines to cut out different foods and make our own soups.

We enjoyed the game ‘Buried Treasure’ this week. If you want to play at home, the link is:


Select Phase 2

 For our Understanding the World lesson this week, we focussed on our sense of taste. We had to guess the flavour of the popcorn in the numbered pots.


Star boy, W.B: 15.10.18

Please could the boys bring in something to show about their favourite toy or hobby:

Monday: Kaius

Tuesday: Kore

Wednesday: Kyan

Thursday: Matthew

Friday: Maurice

 Our new weekly challenge of ‘Pour your own drink’ starts on the 15.10.18. Please practise this skill at home too.



Maths Challenge

I was really pleased with all the fantastic Maths homework the boys had done this week. For maths homework this week, could you please practise writing numbers 4 and 5, remembering to start at the top, with the number sitting on the line. Have fun!


Playground games

On Tuesday we went to a playground games workshop. We had lots of fun learning the different games you can play with skipping ropes.


Fun outside in the garden this week:

 We planted bulbs outside our classroom and will wait for the Spring to arrive to watch the flowers grow.


For Art this week we used oil pastels to create still life drawings of different fruit.

Star boy, 08.10.18

Please could the boys bring in something to show about their favourite toy or hobby:

Monday: Blake

Tuesday: Danveer

Wednesday: Emilio

Thursday: Eren

Friday: Ethan


Well done to all those boys who have been hanging their coats up independently, please encourage the boys to continue with this skill. Our new weekly challenge of ‘Put your hand up on the carpet’ starts on the 08.10.18.