Memories last forever

 What an amazing year we have all had, so many memories made. The boys have worked very hard and should be proud of all their achievements this year. To celebrate all their hard work we had a party and a picnic. The party was also to say goodbye to Krish and Miss Bailey, you will both be dearly missed.

 Have a lovely, fun summer and we will see you all in September.



Giraffes Can’t Dance

Reception boys put on an amazing show for us this morning, ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. Miss Bailey and I are very proud of them all, they remembered their words and used their big loud voices, sat still, faced the audience and made everyone laugh! I think the show demonstrated how far they have all come this year and how their confidence has grown!

This week we have been reflecting on all the positive experiences the boys have had during the year and what they are looking forward to next year.  We had a ‘Week of Gratitude’ which helped the boys with the transition process to Year 1. We thought about some fun and happy memories from the past year.. there were many! The boys had a lovely morning visiting Miss Giles and Miss Fletcher in Year 1 on Wednesday.

Outside in the sunshine:


Star boy, wb : 9.7.18

No star boy this week as we are finishing on Thursday.