Maths homework

In Maths we revisited telling the time. The boys enjoyed making clocks and playing time games including ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. For homework this week, could you please use the paper plates clocks sent home to make o’clock times. We have also been looking at half past so please practise this too.


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

This week we made our own clocks and recapped o’clock and half past, we also started to look at quarter past and quarter to. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’

 During Art this week, we painted flowers and then labelled the different parts.


We created our own stories this week. The boys came up with some very imaginative ideas!

 It was lovely to see the butterflies spread their wings and be free:


Our beans are ready to be planted in the garden, we are looking forward to tasting the beans!

Have a fun half term.


Star boy, wb : 4.6.18

Please bring some facts about your favourite minibeast:

Monday: Evren

Tuesday: Ezekiel

Wednesday: Finn

Thursday: Harry

Friday: Jack



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Tricky word Bingo during Phonics this week, a good game you can play at home: Draw 6 boxes, write 6 tricky words and cross off if that word is called.


 This week in Maths we looked at money, we played coin Bingo and added different amounts of money together. We then moved on to looking at change and taking away different amounts of money. 


The Art workshop was lots of fun, every boy made a flower using recycled materials. The flowers were then attached together to make a beautiful wreath!


We listened to the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and then made our own caterpillar diaries. The boys were very good at remembering the different foods on the different days!

Our beans are growing fast and we are enjoying updating our diaries!

Celebrating the Royal Wedding:

After half term we will be creating a whole school coin mosaic! We are collecting bottle tops and coins for the mosaic, please bring into class.


Star boy, wb : 21.5.18

Please bring in a lifecycle of a living thing:

Monday: Ricardo

Tuesday: Savan

Please bring some facts about your favourite minibeast:

Wednesday: Cruz

Thursday: Daniel

Friday: Dylan



Maths: ‘Between’ and ‘Difference’

In Maths we have been learning the terms ‘in between’ and ‘difference’. The boys enjoyed making human number lines and finding numbers that were in between numbers. They also used number lines, counting bears and drawing circles to find the difference between two numbers.

To practise this at home, please lay out your number cards or use your laminated 100 square to find numbers that are in between other numbers e.g. write one number between 12 and 17. Similarly, use these laminated resources to find the difference between 2 numbers. The boys have learnt to count on from their starting number and to remember to count up to and including the last number. e.g. To find the difference between 5 and 10, count 6,7,8,9 and 10. Or find/draw 10 objects and take away 5, how many are left?



Noticing changes

Our caterpillars are growing fast and have started making their chrysalises!


In Maths this week we learnt about the meaning of ‘between’ and how to find the ‘difference’ between two numbers.


We updated our Bean diaries, they have started to grow roots and little shoots are appearing.



Star boy, wb : 14.5.18

Please bring in a lifecycle of a living thing:

Monday: Finn

Tuesday: Harry

Wednesday: Jack

Thursday: Krish

Friday: Kushal



Our New Topic: Growing

In Maths this week we learnt about numbers bonds to 10 and 20.

We had a fun, interactive Maths workshop on Tuesday, the boys worked together, assembling sticks using elastic bands to make different shapes. We attached all the shapes together and made a giant rocket!


We listened to the story of Jasper and the Beanstalk and planted our own beans! We will be carefully watching them and keeping our own bean diaries!


Gracias Mrs Shah for reading to us in Spanish and teaching us lots of new Spanish words!


Next week (Friday after school) the boys look forward to showing you all their fantastic work at our drop in session. The boys have been working very hard and it would be great if you can attend.


 Star boy, wb : 7.5.18

Please bring in a lifecycle of a living thing:

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Daniel

Wednesday: Dylan

Thursday: Evren

Friday: Ezekiel