Have a lovely Easter!

We made Easter egg patterns this week and then went on a number Easter egg hunt and made our own addition and subtraction number sentences.


We made our own little chicks.


We had lots of fun doing the Easter Egg hunt!

Our new Little Leo is Savan, he will be growing a potato over the Easter holidays for their first project!

 The boys have worked incredibly hard this term and should be proud of themselves. We hope you all have a lovely Easter, eating lots of chocolate and having lots of fun with friends and family!

Love From Miss Gouldthorpe and Miss Bailey



We are back on the 26.04.18 and our star boys will be:

Thursday: Harry

Friday: Jack

Please bring in your favourite song/rhyme to share with the class:






Patterns are all around us

We looked at different patterns this week, including repeated patterns and symmetrical. The boys used various resources to create their own patterns. They then went on a pattern hunt outside using the iPads.


We listened to the Easter story and sequenced events from the story.

Year 3 came down to Reception and shared their Mr Men books. The books had some amazing ideas thought of by the Reception and Year 3 boys together. The books were very well presented, the Year 3 boys had even sewn them together! 

Fun outside in the sunshine:


Our last day is Thursday the 29th and we finish at 12.

 Star boy, wb : 26.03.18

Please bring in your favourite song/rhyme to share with the class:

Monday: Evren

Tuesday: Ezekiel

Wednesday: Finn

Thursday: No star boy- finish at 12.



Spend some money!

Could you please visit a real shop to buy some small items such as sweets that cost less than £1 or 50p. Take a range of coins with you and practise counting in ones, twos and tens. Furthermore, if you have a toy till at home, practise using coins to buy different items. Have fun!


A very exciting week

Miss Goring kicked off Science week with an inspiring assembly. She talked about becoming an inventor and the Science poster competition. On Wednesday we had our Science workshop where the Sports hall was transformed into a hospital, the boys had lots of fun investigating their different senses with the many activities available, including: measuring parts of their bodies, guessing different sounds, looking closely at their finger prints, learning about the bones in their bodies and listening to their heart beat. 



We started learning about money this week and set up a shop outside. The boys took turns to be the shop keeper and tried to use different coins to buy things.

We also had a coin hunt outside.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and used pictures to sequence the events of the story.

BOUNCE day was a big success, the boys thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the different activities which encouraged team work, perseverance and flexible thinking.


Remember chocolate mufti day on Monday, boys can wear their own clothes and bring in an Easter egg or decorated jar with sweets for the Easter Bazaar.

Star boy, wb : 19.03.18

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Ricardo

Tuesday: Savan

Please bring in your favourite rhyme or song to share with the class:

Wednesday: Cruz

Thursday: Daniel

Friday: Dylan


Learning to tell the time

This week we have been learning about time, please draw some clocks with numbers 1-12. Please then add a minute hand and a hour hand to display different o’clock times. We have been drawing the hands in class and the boys have learnt that the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand and that both hands need to start from the middle and be drawn in a straight line. As an extension, please draw some half past times. Please write the times you made by commenting on this post. Have fun!


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

We have been enjoying reading to our reading buddies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Year 3 visited us this week. They shared a Mr Man story with us and then we worked in partners or groups of 3 to create our own Mr Man. The Year 3 boys will now create their own books and come back and share them with us.


On Monday we recapped shapes, we went over the names of the 2D and 3D shapes and created pictures using shapes.


We read the story ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and used the small clocks to match the different times of the day. We then worked in groups to make different o’clock and half past times. We made our own watches, thinking carefully about where the numbers should go.


We listened to The Three Billy Goats Gruff and retold the story using story language. We made bridges for the three goats.


We explored floating and sinking, first we predicted whether each item would sink or float and then we tested them out. Before the experiment we had a chat about what we already know and what we want to find out. The boys came up with the questions:

Why don’t heavy boats sink?

How do rubber rings float?

Why do fish not sink?

We thought it might be nice for the boys to research and find out the answers at home over the weekend and bring in their findings next week.


Star boy, wb : 12.03.18

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Harry

Tuesday: Jack

Wednesday: Krish

Thursday: Kushal

Friday: No Star boy- BOUNCE day.




This week we learnt about halving. Please use the game below: Press the ‘Halves’ button to start and select ‘Halves to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. Please use objects to work out the answers, for example: half of 10, count out 10 objects and use the method ‘one for me, one for you’ method to find half. Have fun!




Traditional Tales

Our theme this half term is ‘Traditional Tales’ so we have a traditional tales cottage where the boys can write letters and post them, act out the story different traditional tales and compare different lengths of objects with the Giant’s footprint.


We worked in two groups, one group listened to the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and the other ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we used post it notes to draw and write the characters, the setting, the problem, solution and some key words and phrases from the stories. We then shared our work.


We have been halving in Maths this week, we looked at sharing objects between two, colouring half of the Numicon shape and halving shapes.

 The boys looked fantastic on World Book Day, we enjoyed sharing stories, creating our own and making book marks,


Star boy, wb : 5.03.18

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Monday: Daniel

Tuesday: Dylan

Wednesday: Evren

Thursday: Ezekiel

Friday: Finn