The boys really enjoyed doubling this week. Please use the game below to double numbers. Press the ‘Doubles’ button to start and select ‘Doubles to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. Please use your fingers to work out the answers, unless you have already memorised them! For numbers that will total more than 10, put one number in your head and count on with your fingers. Have fun!






Chinese New Year

This week we learnt about Chinese New Year, we listened to the story and learnt some interesting facts. We made Chinese lanterns, neatly colouring with yellow and red and carefully cutting and sticking to assemble the lanterns. Here we are acting out the story:

We read the story ‘Jolly Postman’ and wrote our own letters to the bears from Goldilocks.

Doubling numbers was lots of fun, we used our fingers to help us to double, painted butterflies and used the Numicon.

Thank you for all the Magic Moment stars, we have been enjoying sharing them in class.

Don’t forget World book day on Thursday, the boys can come dressed as their favourite book character.

Star boy, wb : 26.02.18

Please bring in some interesting facts about your favourite type of weather:

Monday: Krish

Tuesday: Kushal

Wednesday: Ricardo

Thursday: Savan

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale:

Friday: Cruz


Shapes and Magic Potions

We made our own maps on Monday to help us find the missing animals. The map led us to a ‘Do not enter’ sign but we put our superhero costumes on and crept into the cloakroom. Our animals were there!!

Learning about 3D shapes was lots of fun, we made 3D shape models, went on a shape hunt, looked at real life shapes and played ‘guess the shape’ game.

We made our own magic potions and decided the power they would have, e.g. invisibility. We observed the oil and water separating and the Vitamin C tablet making the potion fizz.

Here we are during a Mindfulness session, having a go at Yoga:

Thank you Mrs Kolidaros for reading us the story of The Fox and the Goat in Greek

Please find the Magic Moments Stars in book bags, you will receive an email explaining them.

Have a lovely half term!

Star boy, wb : 19.02.18

Please bring in some interesting facts about your favourite type of weather:

Monday: Evren

Tuesday: Ezekiel

Wednesday: Finn

Thursday: Harry

Friday: Jack



Please measure different members of your family using your hands (predict how many hands you think before measuring). Make sure the base of your hand is at the person’s heel. Be careful not to overlap your hands and that your fingers reach the top of their head at the end. Have fun!


Learning new skills..

We started our News writing books on Monday, as a class we discussed our weekend and then wrote about it in our new books.

During Maths this week we learnt about measuring. We looked at different ways to measure, including: using a metre stick, cubes and our hands. We measured each other using our hands and then measured objects using cubes. We tried to use lots of language when measuring, e.g. ‘tallest’, ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’. At the end of the lesson we got into height order.

Here we are in height order:

We also started talking about ‘weight’ and experimented with the balancing scales.

On Wednesday we learnt lots of facts about the sun and made shadows on the whiteboard.

For Art this week we made our own Batman cityscapes using newspaper and glitter for the stars. We related it to our Maths lesson, using lots of measuring language.

Fun exploring outside this week:

Don’t forget our drop in session next Friday (9th), you can pop in and have a look at the boys’ amazing work this half term.


Star boy, wb : 05.02.18

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero

Monday: Ricardo

Tuesday: Savan


Please bring in some interesting facts about your favourite type of weather:

Wednesday: Cruz

Thursday: Daniel

Friday: Dylan