The Evil Peas have escaped from the freezer!

We read the very exciting story ‘Supertato’, the Evil Pea escapes from the freezer and gets up to some naughty tricks but don’t worry because Supertato saves the day! We found out from the kitchen that the Evil Pea had escaped from the freezer so we planned how we could find him. We started with making wanted posters, writing the description of the pea and his crime.

We then received a letter from the Evil Peas so made our own Supertato and Veg!

During Maths this week, we looked at addition AND subtraction number sentences, we had to carefully read the number sentence to identify whether it was an addition sign or subtraction.

As a class we have been working hard together to complete Mr Potato Head, as a class reward we had a little party with lots of dancing and games.

The Science Department have adopted a Humboldt penguin at ZSL London Zoo on behalf of LHS. We had a visit from Pebble the Penguin on Friday and talked about how snow and ice are formed and looked at the penguins natural habitat.

Star boy, wb : 29.01.18

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero

Monday: Finn

Tuesday: Harry

Wednesday: Jack

Thursday: Krish

Friday: Kushal


I can see a rainbow

On the very wet Monday morning, we listened to the story of Noah’s Ark. We made our own Ark for all the animals.

We painted rainbows, mixing colours and trying to correctly order the colours.

We have started learning about subtraction this week. We tried lots of different methods, including: using our fingers, placing the first number in our head and counting down on our fingers, crossing off pictures and using objects.

Some of the other things we have been up to this week:


Star boy, wb : 22.01.18

Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero (this can be a famous superhero or someone you know)

Monday: Cruz

Tuesday: Daniel

Wednesday: Dylan

Thursday: Evren

Friday: Ezekiel


Addition Number Sentences

Please roll a die and write down the number you see. After this, choose a number from 1-5 that you would like to add to the number you rolled. Then, complete your number sentence and see if you remember your + and = symbols. Have fun!



On Monday we listened to the story ‘Superworm’ and talked about the events in the story. We then had a go at writing our own Superworm story and made a class book which we will keep in our book corner. We made Superworms with playdough and pipe cleaners.

We started Drama on Tuesday, it was good fun acting out the story of The Gingerbread Man.

We have been making our own addition number sentences during Maths, using Numicon and Multilink.

We are going to create a display on weather and to make the rain we are using our new found sewing skills to thread in and out of binca. It was tricky at first but we have been persevering, just like Terry the Tortoise.

For our Understanding the World lesson this week, we looked at weather symbols and the weather forecast.

Star boy, wb : 15.01.18

Please bring in a picture of you and your family during the Christmas holidays.

Monday: Jack

Tuesday: Krish

Wednesday: Kushal

Thursday: Ricardo

Friday: Savan


Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome back! It has been lovely hearing all about the boys’ Christmas holidays and also great to have them back at school.

Our new theme for this half term is Superheroes and Weather so we have a Superhero headquarters role play area.

We have been talking about the start of the year and how some people like to make resolutions or hopes for the year. We thought of our own ‘wishes and hopes for the new year’ and came up with some good ideas such as ‘try new foods’, ‘help Mummy and Daddy with jobs’ and ‘start a new sport’.

Star boy, wb : 08.01.18

Please bring in a picture of you and your family during the Christmas holidays.

Monday: Dylan

Tuesday: Evren

Wednesday: Ezekiel

Thursday: Finn

Friday: Harry