Have a Happy Half Term

This week we learnt about our sense of touch and made our own feely books. We talked about how different materials feel and chose 3 different materials and described the feeling, e.g. rough or smooth.

The Science Explorer dome was very exciting, we watched chemical reactions, explosions and water turn from one colour to another!

A big thank you to Mrs Meeta who came to talk to us about Diwali and we told her about our clay Diva Lamps. We decorated our Lamps using paint, glitter and sequins. We also made our own Rangoli patterns using shapes, peg boards and cubes.

The boys have worked tremendously hard during their first half term and they should all be very proud of all their work, perseverance and developing independence. Well done boys! Enjoy your well earned break.


Star boy, wb : 31.10.17

Please bring in a picture or photo of you and your family:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Harry

Wednesday: Jack

Thursday: Krish

Friday: Ricardo


Number game

For the maths homework activity this week could you please complete the following game:

Lay out your number cards facing down. Turn one over and draw that number of objects and/or practise writing the number. Continue until you have turned over all numbers. Please comment on this blog post to say how you got on completing this game. You can do this by clicking on the heart on the left hand side of this post.


A Busy Week for Us

On Monday we read the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and talked about the importance of working as team and taking turns. We created our own soups and recorded the ingredients in our Literacy books.

After reading leaf man and collecting leaves last week, we made our own leaf men:

During Maths this week, we focussed on numbers 6 and 7, we looked at the patterns of the dots on dice and made some insects with 6 legs.

We had a very special visit from the author and illustrator Rob Biddulph on Wednesday who told us about when he was a little boy and how he became an author and illustrator. He read the story ‘Kevin’ and we had a go at drawing our own Kevins, Mr Walker had a go too!

We started to make our Diva Lamps this week using clay, we will be decorating them next week in celebration on Diwali.

We talked about our sense of taste today during Understand the World. We tried two different popcorns and ticked whether we thought it was the sweet or salted popcorn.

Don’t forget ‘Wear it Wild’ next week on Thursday, boys can come dressed as an animal and donate £1 to WWF.


Star boy, wb 16.10.17:

Please bring in a picture or photo of you and your family:

Monday: Dylan

Tuesday: Evren

Wednesday: Ezekiel

Thursday: Finn

Friday: No School


Maths Challenge

In your zip wallet please find your number card, next lay the numbers out, pick a card and then count out a matching number of objects. You can use any kind of objects, e.g. beads, counters, leaves, toys. Have fun and let us know how you get on by commenting on this blog post. To comment, please click on the ‘heart’ at the side of this blog post.


Autumn has arrived

For Literacy this week we continued with our senses theme and read ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?’ we used the Mindfulness technique of laying down in a space and closing our eyes to help us carefully listen for the sounds around us. We have been continuing to practise writing our names in cursive script and learnt the new sounds: ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘ck’ and ‘e’.

For our Understanding the World lesson, we played a listening game. We listened carefully to the animal sounds and tried matching the sound to our boards.

We have been very interested in the falling leaves all around us so we decided to go on an Autumn walk and collect some leaves. We used paint to look at the different patterns.

We made some special photo frames and decorated them carefully to keep at home and remind us when we are older of our first day in Reception.

We loved exploring the water wall!


Star boy, wb 09.10.17:

Please could the boys bring in an item or picture related to their favourite hobby or pastime.

Monday: Ricardo

Tuesday: Savan

Wednesday: Shanindu


Please bring in a picture or photo of you and your family:

Thursday: Cruz

Friday: Daniel


Well done, boys

We are delighted that you are settling in so well, making new friends and enjoying learning. It is always such a pleasure to visit your classroom!

From Mrs Turk