What do you see..?

At the beginning of the week we read ‘Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see?’ and talked about the rhyming words and the different animals. We used our eyes to have a look around the classroom and had a go at writing what we could see, listening carefully for the initial sounds of the words. We made a large collage of the brown bear during Art.

On Monday we had our first PE lesson which was lots of fun and on Tuesday we had our first Music lesson, we explored different instruments and music.

We focused on the numbers 2 and 3 this week, we practised writing the numbers in lots of different ways, in the sand, chalk and outside with the paintbrushes.

At end the week we had a special visit from Mrs Martinez who read us a story in Spanish! We learnt some Spanish words including: ‘Zapatos’, ‘dinero’ and ‘duende’. Gracias Mrs Martinez, we really enjoyed you coming to visit us.

Fun in the garden this week:


Next week, we are having our photos taken on Monday.


Star boy, wb 02.10.17:

Please could the boys bring in an item or picture related to their favourite hobby or pastime.

Monday: Finn

Tuesday: Harry

Wednesday: Jack

Thursday: Krish

Friday: Kushal


The start of letters and numbers..

We started learning the Lochinver Cursive Script this week, we had a go at writing our names and the letters: ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. Before using a pencil and paper, we wrote the letters in sand and in the air to get us used to the formation. Miss Gouldthorpe and Miss Bailey have been very impressed with the boys efforts in class and homework when forming the letters.

We also started learning numbers 0 and 1, we remembered to start at the top and take our time.

For Understanding the World this week, we talked about our 5 senses and the importance of these senses. At the weekend you might like to go on a walk and listen carefully for what you can hear, what can you see? Smell? Can you feel different textures and describe them? Can you describe how something tastes?


Star boy starts next week (25th September):

Please could the boys bring in an item or picture related to their favourite hobby or pastime.

Monday: Cruz

Tuesday: Daniel

Wednesday: Dylan

Thursday: Evren

Friday: Ezekiel.


Have a great weekend.



Welcome to RGB’s blog!

We are all settling in very well, making friends and exploring the classroom.

We have already been very busy, painting our portraits and writing our names for our classroom display. We have played some games to help us get to know each other and learn names. We have been outside in the garden and look forward to exploring it some more next week.

Our first computing lesson with Mrs Copping was lots of fun, we tried really hard to sit still on the big chairs and control the mouse in order to create a picture.

Miss Gouldthorpe and Miss Bailey are very proud of all the boys for coming into school so confidently, listening to instructions and being kind to each other. We look forward to an exciting year ahead!