Estimating Challenge.

This week we have been learning to estimate.

Around your home could you find a variety of objects and different sized containers and use your estimating skills and then check to see if you were correct. For example: how many oranges in the fruit bowl? How many sweets in the jar?


Have a lovely half term break.

For Maths this week we started to learn about estimating, we held different amounts of objects in our hands and our partner had to guess how many, we then counted to see if we were correct. We also estimated how many cubes could fit in different shapes.

During Literacy we talked about how stories are composed such as, characters, exciting events and story language. We then had a go at making our own stories! The boys used their imaginations and came up with some fascinating ideas, including ‘beady eyed monsters’ and ‘creepy castles’.


After half term the boys will be making a large coin mosaic with the Year 8 boys to celebrate Lochinver’s 70th anniversary. We need to try and fill up our coin jar with as many coins as possible (it’s nearly full, we just need a few more!), lots of pennies and 2 pence coins please! If we could have all coins in by the Monday after half term, thank you.


Colour mixing:

We found out…..

Red and blue make purple.

Yellow and red make orange.

Blue and yellow make green.

Red and white make pink.


On Friday we said a big thank you and goodbye to Mrs Demery. Pre Prep sung to Mrs Demery and presented her with a book that everyone had contributed to. We will miss her very much and wish her the best of luck for the future.

Star boy week beginning: 05.06.17

Monday: Oliver

Tuesday: Priyan

Wednesday: Seth

Thursday: Thomas K

Friday: Thomas S

Could you please bring in the life cycle of your favourite animal.


Have a lovely break, a good rest and lots of fun!


1 minute challenge

This week we looked at o’clock and half past. We also looked at how long 1 minute lasts with sandtimers and discovered that there are 60 seconds in a minute (which we counted several times as a class) and 60 minutes in 1 hour.

In 1 minute…How many times can you write your name?

How many star jumps?

How many numbers can you write?

How many times can you touch your toes?




Goodbye to our chicks and butterflies.

The boys looked so smart on Monday, we decided to take a class photo:

In Maths this week our topic was ‘time’, we made our own clocks and played the game ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ using clocks.

We have been keeping chick diaries. The chicks are growing fast and they need to go to their new home where they will have a lot more space! We were very sorry to say goodbye to them today but have enjoyed looking after them, playing with them and giving them cuddles!

We also had to let our butterflies free. They weren’t keen at first and wanted to stay on Mrs Curran’s arm but they soon gained confidence and we watched them spread their wings and fly off into the trees!

Star boy week beginning: 22.05.17

Monday: Christopher

Tuesday: Dylan

Wednesday: Harry

Thursday: Hasan

Friday: Jax

Please bring in the life cycle of your favourite animal.


Money game

This week in maths the boys revisited learning about money. To practise this further please visit: 


When you reach the homescreen, please select ‘Mixed coins’. You can practise adding coins together and also giving change. There are different levels of difficulty for you to choose. Please comment on this post with a description of how you got on. Have fun!


A very exciting week!

We have some new arrivals in Reception…

The eggs arrived on Wednesday and we have been watching them hatch. It has been so lovely to watch the boys cheeping at the chicks to encourage them to hatch and then watching them in amazement. The boys voted on the names for our new friends.

Cheep, my name is Cuddles:

My name is Ellie:

My name is Ella:

My name is Tom:

My name is Jake:


Our very clever caterpillars have made their chrysalises and have been transferred to their new home. We are keeping a close eye on them, waiting for the butterflies to start appearing.We listened to the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and discussed the order of the events. The boys wrote a recount of the story.


In Maths this week we have been adding different amounts of money together and played a shops game where we needed to work out how much change is needed. We then set up a snack shop where the boys had to buy their drinks and fruit and work out how much change they need.

Fun at lunch times:


On Monday we will be having our whole school photo so please could all the boys wear their full tracksuit.


Star boy week beginning: 15.05.17

Monday: Zachary


From Tuesday could you please bring in the life cycle of your favourite animal.

Tuesday: Alexis

Wednesday: Aydin

Thursday: Bosco

Friday: Charlie


Caterpillars, Stick insects and Madagascan hissing cockroaches!

The boys loved creating their own butterflies during our Maths lesson about symmetry. We learnt the meaning of symmetrical and asymmetrical and used objects and pens to make our own symmetrical patterns.

We listened to the story ‘Titch’ and talked about the main characters, the setting and the main events of the story.

Mad science day

We started our mad science day off with an explosive assembly where we witnessed lots of chemical reactions and an explosion! We then had a workshop that involved learning about and holding Madagascan hissing cockroaches and stick insects.

Our caterpillars are developing well, we have learnt all about their life cycle, ‘webbing’ and their exoskeleton.

Star boy week beginning: 08.05.17

Monday: Seth

Tuesday: Thomas K

Wednesday: Thomas S

Thursday: Tom

Friday: William

Please bring in a photo of when you were a baby.