Number bonds challenge


Select ‘Number bonds’ (green button). Click on the first category, titled ‘Make 10’. Practise this a few times to see the number bonds to 10 you can find. Don’t forget to check on your fingers! To extend this, progress to making 20. Remember to compare bonds to 20 with bonds to 10 e.g. 4+6=10 and 6+4=10, therefore,  14+6=20 and also 16+4=20.


Another fun game is ‘Aliens pairs to 10’. Play this by clicking the link below



Beanstalks and Caterpillars!

We started our new Maths topic ‘number bonds’, we used a range of resources to help us find number bonds to 10, 20 and 100!

On Monday we planted beans, we talked about what they need to grow and read the story ‘Jasper’s beanstalk’. Jasper had to wait a little while for his bean to grow so we are patiently waiting for ours and making sure we remember to water them! We have also started our own bean diaries to keep track of our beans progress.

We loved the Maths workshop, we made different shapes using sticks and elastic bands, we then joined all of our shapes and made a giant rocket!

Phonics outside:

Meet our new caterpillars, next week we will be learning about their life cycle.

Star boy week beginning: 01.05.17

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Hasan

Wednesday: Jax

Thursday: Oliver

Friday: Priyan

Please bring in a photo of when you were a baby.


Welcome back

The boys came bouncing back into school on Thursday morning with big smiles on their faces. They have been sharing their exciting news from the holidays and showing some of their hard work.

On Friday we shared our jokes, we had some very funny ones that made us laugh out loud!

Over the weekend could you please complete the ‘parent comment’, ‘pupil comment’ and ‘pupil target’ sections on the reports.


Star boy: Please bring in a photo of when you were a baby.

Monday: Bosco

Tuesday: Charlie

Wednesday: Christopher

Thursday: Dylan

Friday: Harry