Have a lovely Easter Break!

The Easter Egg hunt with Year 3 was great fun.

We have been talking about the Easter story and during Literacy we ordered pictures of the story and wrote captions.

Thank you to Mrs Koliardos and Mrs Georgiou for teaching us all about Greek Orthodox Easter. We had lots of fun and enjoyed trying the Flaounes bread and cracking the coloured eggs. Thank you for the chocolates too.

During Maths we had a look at all the different patterns around us. We noticed patterns on our toys, cushions and on the walls. We then had a go at making our own Easter egg patterns.

The Year 3 boys came back and read their fantastic Mr Men books to the Reception boys. We were very impressed with the sewing they had done to make the books and all the detail in the stories.

Well done boys, you have all worked so hard this term and you are all so positive and enthusiastic about learning. Mrs Curran and I are very proud of you all and hope you have a fun Easter break!

We are back at school on Thursday 20th April and we will be starting our new topic ‘growing’.

Star boy:

Thursday: Alexis

Friday: Aydin

Please bring in a photo of when you were a baby.


Maths Challenge

Could you please visit a real shop to buy some small items such as sweets that cost less than £1 or 50p. Take a range of coins with you and practise counting in ones, twos and tens. Furthermore, if you have a toy till at home, practise using coins to buy different items. Have fun!


Many activities to stretch our minds.

We started the week with acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and used pictures to help us write the story.

In Maths this week we explored money and coins. We set up a shop where the boys could choose something to buy and had to select different coins to pay for their items.

We enjoyed the sunshine on Monday, exploring floating and sinking in the water tray and making music with the instruments.

Mrs Demetriou and Cally the dog visited us and talked about how they help people who have suffered from a stroke, Cally plays a very important and valuable role in helping others and we were very impressed with how calm and well behaved she is. We went onto talking about giving up our own time and how we can help others.

On Thursday we had our Mindfulness session which taught us about relaxing and focussing our minds, how to carefully listen to the sounds around us and use all 5 of our senses. The boys were very engaged during the session and we will start to introduce some of the Mindfulness techniques into our everyday lessons.

We all had a great time during Bounce day; trying different activities, making new friends, working as a team and persevering through challenging activities.


Star boy week beginning:  20.03.17

Monday: Thomas K

Tuesday: Thomas S and Tom

Wednesday: William and Zachary

Thursday: Finish at 12

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale.


Time Challenge

The maths activity for this week is as follows: Please draw some clocks with numbers 1-12. Please then add a minute hand and a hour hand to display different o’clock times. We have been drawing the hands in class and the boys have learnt that the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand and that both hands need to start from the middle and be drawn in a straight line. As an extension, please draw some half past times. Please write the times you made by commenting on this post. Have fun!


3 Billy Goats Gruff

Spring is on the way and we now have our own class daffodils to watch grow. The boys have been looking at all the different flowers appearing around our school.

In Maths this week we learnt about time: we looked at o’clock and half past, days of the week and months of the year.

Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?? We read 3 Billy Goats Gruff this week and learnt a new song about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We talked about the characters, setting, problem in the story and solution. We also looked at baby animals, including kids. The boys made their own bridges:

During Phonic lessons we have been continuing to work on our sentence writing and we have learnt the names of letters.

We had a visit from Year 3, they read Mr Man books to the boys and they worked together to create a new Mr Man character.

During our Understanding the World lesson we predicted whether a range of objects would sink or float. Wth our partner we predicted whether it would sink or float and then tested it out.

Star boy week beginning:  13.03.17

Monday: Jax

Tuesday: Oliver

Wednesday: Priyan


Friday: Thomas K

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale.


Well done to all the boys in RGC!

Whenever I visit your classroom it is a pleasure to see you all so happy and engaged in learning!  You have been learning how to halve and double numbers and have produced super work!  Well done for persevering and for achieving so much.  It is lovely to see you enjoying learning.

From Mrs Turk


Maths Activity…

Could you please halve some numbers using objects/counters and plates. Choose a number and halve this number across two plates by sharing the objects evenly. In addition, please write an accompanying number sentence. Repeat with different numbers. In class we discovered that even numbers can be halved but odd numbers cannot. To show your halving, please add a comment to this post. Have fun! 



A fun filled busy week!

On Shrove Tuesday we had pancakes!!! The boys could choose one fruit and one sauce. We talked about healthy eating and food hygiene. The boys cut their own fruit, added the sauce then rolled the pancake… then the best part… tasted it!

We started learning about halving in maths. We used the cubes to help us share between 2 and therefore find half of a number. We also looked at halving shapes which was lots of fun.

The boys looked fantastic in their costumes for World Book Day, we all enjoyed the day!

Star boy week beginning:  06.03.17

Monday: Charlie

Tuesday: Christopher

Wednesday: Dylan


Friday: Hasan

Please bring in your favourite traditional tale.