Doubling Game

For the maths activity this week, could you please explore doubling on your computer. The machine in the link below will double numbers up to 20. Before the machine calculates the answer, please double the number using your fingers. If doubling 6 and above, put one number in your head and count on with your fingers. Check to see if you got the same answer as the machine. Have fun!



Once upon a time..

Thank you for all the ‘Magic Moments’, it has been lovely reading them and the boys have really enjoyed sharing them with the class.

We have started learning about doubling numbers during Maths, we used different resources to help us understand the meaning of ‘double’.

On Tuesday, Mrs Hillcoat read a story to the boys in Spanish! The boys thoroughly enjoyed learning some key Spanish phrases and animals. Gracious Mrs Hillcoat.

We started our new topic Traditional Tales and read the Jolly postman, we talked about different characters from traditional tales. The boys created their own letters to different characters, e.g. the Giant and then made envelopes for the letters.

The boys are really enjoying junk modelling, if you have any ‘clean junk’ we would really appreciate it! Examples:  plastic bottle tops, cardboard boxes, string, yoghurt pots, kitchen rolls.
Don’t forget our drop in session on Wednesday at 2.50 and your world book day costume on Thursday!


Star boy week beginning:  27.02.17

Monday: William

Tuesday: Zachary

Could you please research one type of weather and bring in some facts to share.


On Wednesday we will start our new Star boy topic: Please bring in your favourite traditional tale.

Wednesday: Alexis

Thursday: Aydin

Friday: Bosco



Shape Challenge

For the maths activity this week could you please find the following shapes: cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone and a pyramid. If you do not have all these shapes in your house, then using a selection of the shapes will also be excellent. Please play the ‘feely bag’ game, or alternatively cover some 3D shapes with a blanket. To play this, hide the shapes in a bag or blanket. Take it in turns to feel and describe the shapes to your family, by describing how many edges, corners and faces it has e.g. “This shape has 6 square faces, 8 corners and 12 straight edges”. The other person would then guess this to be a cube. Have lots of fun! 


Half way through the Year!

Internet safety day:

The boys had a visitor to talk about being safe on computers, iPads and phones. He read the story ‘chicken clicking’ which explained about the importance of not talking to strangers.


In assembly some of the boys shared their language posters, it was interesting listening to the different facts they shared and the phrases/key words.

This week in Maths we have been learning the names and properties of 3D shapes: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and pyramid. The boys sorted the shapes into hoops depending on the number of corners (vertices), edges and shape of the faces. We also found ‘real life’ shapes inside and outdoors.

In Literacy we recapped the sounds learnt so far, the boys have been writing words with the different sounds, e.g. ‘oa’-coat. It would be good to repeat this activity at home over the half term!


The second half of the class went to Welly time and explored the pond. They found some interesting eggs which we recently found out might be snail or slug eggs! The boys understood the importance of not disturbing the eggs and just looking.

Please find half term homework in book bags and the magic moment stars to fill in. The boys have all worked very hard this half term and it has been wonderful to watch their confidence grow. Mrs Curran and I hope you all have a fun and well deserved break.

Star boy week beginning:  20.02.17

Monday: Priyan

Tuesday: Seth

Wednesday: Thomas K

Thursday: Thomas S

Friday: Tom

Could you please research one type of weather and bring in some facts to share.



Maths Challenge- Weight and Measure.

Select a variety of objects in your house to weigh. Make sure you have items of varying heights, lengths and materials. Estimate which objects will be the heaviest and the lightest. When estimating, give reasoning for your predictions e.g. this one is longer, or this one is made from a harder material. Weigh these in turn and then put the objects in the correct order in a line from lightest to heaviest. Talk about your findings at the end.

Next, measure everyone in your family using hands as a non-standard unit of measurement as pictured below. You can also use a tape to see what number this would be on a tape measure. Have fun!


Chinese New Year, Welly Time, Printing!

On Monday we talked about Chinese New Year, we learnt lots of new facts! We then recorded 3 facts about Chinese New Year. We acted out the story, the boys had lots of fun taking on the different roles of the animals.


In maths this week we looked at length and measuring. We talked about the meaning of ‘tall’, ‘short’ and ‘long’ and then used cut out hands and our own hands to measure each other. We also used the weighing scales to explore weight, we weighed different objects to find heavy and light objects and objects that are equal in weight.

The boys had lots of fun, dancing and singing during drama this week:

On Wednesday half of the class went to Welly Time with Mrs Demetriou and Mrs Curran, the boys had lots of fun observing the pond and making ‘blobsters’. The other boys will get to go next week!

We started designing our woodland pictures to copy onto Styrofoam, we had to make sure the picture filled the page and we had careful control over the pencil. We took a trip to the art room to print our designs and at the end of the lesson Ms Hawkins read us a story. Thank you for having us Ms Hawkins and all your helpers.

Star boy week beginning:  06.02.17

Monday: Dylan

Tuesday: Harry

Wednesday: Hasan

Thursday: Jax

Friday: Oliver

Could you please research one type of weather and bring in some facts to share.