Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We started the week with writing our own versions of the song ‘Twelve days of Christmas’. The boys thought of their own ideas, e.g. ‘twelve chocolate coins and eleven hugs’.

The boys were very excited about the visit from Judge Rinder on Tuesday; some of them recognised him from Strictly Come Dancing.

We had a Christmas party with RGM, we listened to Christmas songs and played pass the parcel.


We have been busy making Christmas crafts and cards, we hope you like them!

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On Wednesday we had lots of Christmas fun! We came into school in our own clothes, there were some fantastic Christmas outfits and jumpers. We went on a treasure hunt with the maps we had made and then created our own pirate ship. We also had our yummy Christmas lunch followed by some exciting Christmas entertainment.

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Thank you to all the boys who made a decoration for the Christmas Giving Tree, it’s full of love and Christmas cheer!


Mrs Curran and I want to congratulate the boys on such a successful first term. They have all been working very hard and are so keen and positive towards learning. It has been great fun and a pleasure teaching the boys and we look forward to welcoming them back in the New Year. Have a fun and relaxing break.


Star boy for week beginning: 02.01.17

Thursday: Alexis

Friday: Aydin

Please bring a photo of your family on Christmas day or over the holidays.


We have sent home some half term challenges. Please find the Maths questions below for over the holidays:

How many different ways can you make 10 and then 20 by counting on and using your fingers?

Using toys in your house can you line them up and find one more and one less than the amount you lined up?

Can you find these shapes in your house… square, triangle, circle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon?


A magical performance by Pre Prep!

We have been working hard to speak loudly, sing clearly and sit still when performing our Christmas play. Mrs Curran and I are VERY proud of all the boys and think they did amazing in the Christmas play! Well done Pre Prep!

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There has been lots of Christmas crafts going on, including: Christmas cards, decorations and reindeer hats for our Christmas lunch next week. The boys have been making decorations for our tree, doesn’t it look beautiful!


Thank you to Mr De Vos for coming in and talking to the boys about Christmas in Belgium and teaching the boys some Belgium words. The boys had lots of questions for him and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Thank you for the chocolate coins you brought in for all the boys.

Our new sounds this week: ‘qu’, ‘ai’ and ‘oa’. We have been writing words with these sounds and started to write sentences, looking at finger spacing, capital letters and full stops. I am very impressed with the boys’ homework; they are always showing me their writing from home.


The boys have been working hard in Santa’s Workshop:


Star boy week beginning 12.12.16

Monday:Thomas K

Tuesday: Thomas S

Wednesday: Tom


Please bring your favourite Christmas story.


Countdown to Christmas..

On Monday morning we were all very excited to come dressed in our home clothes for Mufti day, thank you for all the chocolate donations for the Christmas fair.


We listened to the Christmas story at the beginning of the week and learnt all about why Christmas is special. We cut out different pictures from the story and sequenced them in order to help us re-tell the story.


We had a look at the Christmas giving tree which the boys can make a decoration for rather than sending Christmas cards. The boys can then make a donation to the Head Boys’ Charity, using the money they would have spent on Christmas cards. Reception class are looking after the tree so we need to remember to water it!

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We also have our own little Christmas for our classroom which we decorated on Thursday.


Thank you to Mrs Macneill who made us our Christmas tree Advent calendar. Under each number is a photo of one of the boys, they will get a chocolate when it is them.


The boys had lots of fun with Mr Evans, practicing their forward rolls, balancing skills and moving in different ways.


Lots of fun in Santa’s workshop:


Have fun at the Christmas fair!

Star boy week beginning 05.12.16

Monday: Hasan

Tuesday: Jax

Wednesday: Oliver

Thursday: Priyan

Friday: Seth

Please bring your favourite Christmas story.