A busy week!

We have started talking about Christmas this week and wrote a letter to Father Christmas. We talked about how letters start with ‘Dear’ and wrote some ideas of what we would like from Father Christmas. We also had a look at some Christmas books and listened to Christmas songs.

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We started to make Christmas decorations out of clay, the boys rolled, patted and manipulated the clay in order to make the decoration. We then carefully painted them.


We have been continuing with ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ and have been working with the numbers 17 and 18 in maths. We also talked about 2D shapes and looked at different properties of the shapes. We used shapes to make pictures, here is a robot and a bird:


Our story mat in the reading area is lots of fun and promotes imaginative play, storytelling, building relationships with friends and language skills. This week the boys enjoyed using the mat when re-telling the 3 little pigs story.


Look how neat the boys keep their class wellies, well done boys!


Fun in the garden:


Whilst we were in Assembly, Mrs Curran started to transform the Role play area, all ready for the boys on Monday! They will need to help Santa’s Elves to design, build and wrap Christmas presents. Thank you Mrs Curran!


Star boy week beginning 28.11.16

Monday: Bosco

Tuesday: Charlie

Wednesday: Christopher

Thursday: Dylan

Friday: Harry

Please bring your favourite Christmas story.


3 Little Pigs

On Monday we had a go at designing our dream house. The boys had some fantastic ideas of the sort of things they would like in their dream house:

William: “I would like my house to be made of Lego!”

Christopher: “I would like lots of flowers and caterpillars in my house.”

Harry: “I want a robot”

Hasan: “My house would have lots of costumes.”

We made our dream homes using stickle bricks and blocks:

001 002 003 006 007 008

Following on from our theme of ‘Houses’ we read The 3 Little Pigs and had an email from the little pigs asking RGC to help them to find the Big Bad Wolf and build them some new houses. The boys made wanted posters and cut, assembled and stuck together houses made with card.


During our maths lessons we have been looking at ‘one more’ and ‘one less’.


We collected different sized leaves, the boys used lots of mathematical language during this activity including; long, medium, thin and large. Miss Goring then read us the Leaf man story and we used the leaves to make our own leaf men.



Star boy week beginning 21.11.16

Monday: Tom

Tuesday: William

Wednesday: Zachary

Thursday: Aydin

Friday: Alexis

Please bring a picture or drawing of your favourite part of your home.


Houses, Homes and Buildings

We started our new topic Homes and Houses today. We talked about different types of houses e.g. cottages and flats. We then discussed who lives in our houses and made a ‘My house’ booklet by writing a list of the people who live in our house and then drawing them in the window. We had a go at building our homes with Lego and looked at books all about houses and homes.

001 002 003 006 007 008

In the garden we now have a compost bin. We will now start to put our waste from snack time into the compost bin.


We have been working on teen numbers ‘13’ and ‘14’, finding ways to make these numbers and practising the formation. We made a class rocket and practised counting forwards and backwards. We have also been finding one more than a given number.


Some of the boys had seen fireworks over the weekend so they used inspiration from what they had seen to create firework pictures using paint and glitter. It was lots of fun!


The boys sat beautifully during the Remembrance Day assembly.


Other photos from this week:


Bug in the Rug game:



Star boy week beginning

Monday: Oliver

Tuesday: Priyan

Wednesday: Seth

Thursday: Tom

Friday: Thomas K

Please bring a picture or drawing of your favourite part of your home.


Welcome back!

The boys have been sharing their news about the things they got up to over the half term. It sounds like they all had lots of fun and a good rest. It has been lovely to see the boys’ homework.


We have been talking about Diwali this week and made Diva lamps from clay. We then decorated them with paint and glitter. During maths we made our own Rangoli patterns and had a look at patterns in our environment.

4-11-16-002 4-11-16-003 4-11-16-004 4-11-16-0164-11-16-011 4-11-16-013 4-11-16-014

We have now moved onto numbers ‘11’ and ‘12’ and have been looking at different ways to make these numbers.


We have been looking at the beautiful colours of the trees now it is Autumn and talking about the different things we are finding outside such as conkers.

The boys enjoyed the smelling game after talking about our sense of smell. They had to smell the pot and then tick the correct box (mint, soap, cheese and onion crisps or salt and vinegar crisps).


Some of the other things we have been up to this week:



We had a chat about keeping safe on Bonfire night. If you are watching fireworks this weekend, have a great time!


Star boy week beginning 07.11.16

Monday: Christopher

Tuesday: Dylan

Wednesday: Harry

Thursday: Hasan

Friday: Jax

Please bring a picture or drawing of your favourite part of your home.