A Fantastic First Half Term

Sense of touch- We have been talking about how different materials feel. We felt many different materials such as wood, plastic and foil. We thought of different words to describe objects, the boys came up with some of their own words such as tickly, sticky and fluffy. We made our own feely books by choosing 4 different materials and writing a word to describe how they feel.

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In literacy this week we have been learning the sounds ‘d’ and ‘g’. The boys could think of lots of words beginning with these letters and even had a go at writing them. We read the story Room on the Broom and identified the rhyming words throughout the book. Later on in the week, we acted out the story.


In maths we have been learning new numbers including ‘9’ and ‘10’. The boys enjoyed making monsters and counting the amount of legs and eyes. The boys have been practising their counting and number recognition using games on the Smart Board and playing games such as lady bird Bingo.


Some of the other things we have been up to this week:


The first half term has been busy, exciting and tremendous fun! Mrs Curran and I want to congratulate the boys on all their hard work and for settling into Lochinver House so confidently. It is a pleasure to welcome the boys’ happy faces each morning and discuss their achievements at school and home. Well done RGC!

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Star boy week beginning 01.11.16

Tuesday: Aydin

Wednesday: Alexis

Thursday: Bosco

Friday: Charlie

Please bring a picture or drawing of your favourite part of your home.


Have a lovely break,

Miss Gouldthorpe



We started off this morning with the Harvest assembly, a big well done to Reception and Years 1 and 2 this morning for their beautiful singing. We thoroughly enjoyed the Harvest production by Years 3 and 4.

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We have been writing our own soup recipe this week after reading Pumpkin soup. The boys tried hard to listen for the sounds in words in order to spell them.

This week we talked about our sense of taste, we had a close look at our tongues and discussed different types of taste, e.g. sweet and sour. It was fun trying the different pots of popcorn and guessing whether it was sweet or salty.

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During explore and learn time the boys practised their writing, played maths games and created new games using their imaginations.

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Some comments from the boys on the activities they enjoyed this week:

“I practised my letters. I have been using the lead in”- Seth

“I enjoyed making a lion, and writing the words ‘bed’ and ‘sat’ and ‘hat’”- Thomas S

“I have made an aeroplane and an army tank during explore and learn time” – William

“Aydin helped me build a computer during explore and learn time” – Charlie


Star boys next week:

Monday: William

Tuesday: Zachary

We are not going to have a star boy on Wednesday and Thursday, we will start again after half term.


Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?

We started the week with listening to the story ‘Polar bear, Polar bear, what do you hear?’ The boys had a think about the sounds they could hear around the school and wrote them down in their Literacy books. During explore and learn time, some of the boys made the elephant from the story.

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This week we have learnt the sounds ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘ck’ and ‘e’, I wonder if you can find anything at home beginning with these letters. If you do, write them down and bring in on Monday for me to see!

We really enjoyed the Football maths game and Bingo this week.

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We have been busy practising our songs for the Harvest Assembly which we are very excited about. We had lots of fun in drama: singing, dancing and acting.

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The boys decorated their ‘First day at school’ photo frames and can now keep them so they always remember their first days in Reception, hope you like them!


Star boy chart for next week:

Monday: Priyan

Tuesday: Seth

Wednesday: Thomas K

Thursday: Thomas S

Friday: Tom

Please bring your favourite toys or something related to your favourite pastime.