A week with Mr Gumpy!

In Literacy this week we have read the story Mr Gumpy’s Outing. The boys have answered questions relating to the story and remembered the story in the correct sequence.


In Maths we have looked at place value and the boys are gaining an understanding of tens and units.


Our focus for Understanding the World was the history of train travel. The boys have enjoyed looking at the differences between train travel now and when people first travelled by train. All the boys were fascinated by the Bullet Train in Japan.


The Year 8 boys have continued to support us and all the boys have enjoyed getting to know them.


The boys have continued to work on their performance for the end of term production and Miss Attzs is very pleased with their focus and dedication.


We hope to see many of you tomorrow!


Have a great weekend!002


This week has flown by!

In our Literacy lessons this week we have written instructions to help use make paper aeroplanes. We were very lucky as the Year 8 boys came in to help.

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In Maths this week we have looked at missing number sentences.


Mrs Hillcoat helped the boys to think about different fruits and discussed repetitive patterns. All the boys loved making their fruit kebabs. 

We ended our week with a successful trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon. We were so proud of the boys as they navigated around the museum. All the boys enjoyed the experience and they showcased their knowledge during our workshops. Thank you to all the parents who kindly accompanied us on this trip.

Have a great weekend!

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Welcome back!

A warm welcome back to school after our half term break. We have been blessed with wonderful weather this week and this has lifted all our spirits.


The boys have enjoyed reinforcing their understanding of measuring. They have measured each other’s heights using their hands and feet. The boys have also used the balance scales to compare the weight of an empty water bottle.

003 004 005 In Literacy this week we have read the story ‘The Train Ride’. We have discussed the rhyme and repetition in this story and the boys have written about their own journey.

We have started our topic on Transport and the boys have painted their favourite mode of transport ready for our display.

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This afternoon we have completed our coin mosaic. Thank you for all your coins, I know the charities will benefit from your generosity. The boys had a great afternoon.

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Thank you for all the volunteers for our trip. Looking forward to taking the boys to the RAF Museum.

Monday is ‘Sport Mufti’, please bring in a piece of sport equipment and wear your own clothes.

 Have a lovely weekend!