End of First Half of Summer Term

We have had another busy week. We visited the visited the rocket seeds for the last time.


We looked carefully at the germinated seeds but found it tricky to decide which are the Space Seeds.

In Maths this week we have reinforced our understanding of addition and subtraction. The boys have worked on using their fingers to help them and also using cubes. We have also looked at estimating.


In our short Maths focus lesson the boys have looked at names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

In our Literacy lessons this week we have flexed our creative muscles and the boys have become budding authors. The boys wrote stories of their choice creating new characters or using ones from favourite stories.

In Understanding the World we have completed our Bean Diaries and the beans will be going home to be planted.


Our Expressive Art and Design focus this week is observational drawing and the boys have carefully drawn pieces of fruit or vegetables.


The boys enjoyed using the puppets and puppet theatre to recreate and act out their favourite stories.

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Wishing you all a wonderful half term break. Looking forward to welcoming you all back for what will be the last few weeks of this current Reception year.


Money, money, money!

This week our Maths focus has been money. We have looked at the coins in circulation and different coins to write addition number sentences.

In our booster Maths session on Monday we discussed sharing and how we can do this fairly or equally.

Money games.

006 005

Sharing games.

004 003

In our Literacy lesson this week we focused on non-fiction writing and looked at features of a report. The boys they wrote a short report the ‘rocket seeds’ we have received.

In Understanding the World we have continued to look at germination and how some plants disperse their seeds. The boys have updated their Bean Diaries and the plants will be going home for planting out next Friday.

With this mild weather our Garden Centre and Cafe have been very busy this week.



In our Expressive Art and Design sessions the boys have used seeds and beans to create impressive collages.

019 018

Have a lovely weekend!


Aiming High!

The sunshine this week has lifted all our spirits and the results of this warmth and light can be seen as our beans have suddenly shot up.

010 011

The boys have been wondering whether they are magic beans!

In our Literacy sessions this week we have read the story of the Enormous Turnip. All the boys were inspired by this large vegetable and enjoyed writing the story in their own words.

In Maths this week our main focus is that of time and we have revisited reading the time both on the analogue and digital clocks. Every week we have a session where we reinforce a different concept and this week we looked at the coins in circulation. Next week we will focus on addition and subtraction using money.

001 002

In our Understanding the World lessons the boys have continued to complete their Bean Diaries. We have also looked at the different parts of a flowering plant and discussed how they germinate.

The boys particularly enjoyed the outside area this week. The musical instruments were a real hit!

003 004 005 006 007 008 009

Have a lovely weekend!


A shorter week but a busy one!

This week we were visited by Miss Hawkins and more pupils from Year 6. The boys shared their puppet stories and treated us to another great performance!012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019


In Maths this week we learnt about lines of symmetry, symmetrical patterns and matching patterns. The boys really enjoyed all the practical activities.

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In Literacy we read the story Titch by Pat Hutchins. The boys then answered questions relating to this story. All the boys suggested that even though Titch is small he can do great things.

We have also continued to complete the Bean Diaries as our beans have started to germinate. We look forward to a healthy crop.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.