A Visit to the Science Labs

Today we visited the Science Labs and we saw the Rocket Science Seeds. We learnt that 200 seeds were individually planted. They have now germinated and growing well. The boys enjoyed their visit to the Science Labs and cannot wait to visit again!

001 002 003 004

These are the trays of germinating seeds.



A Busy First Week!

We have launched back into our last term in Reception. Although it is the Summer term some of the weather we have had this week has been less than warm! However, we have persevered and the boys have enjoyed taking the learning outside. 009 008 007

In Maths this week we have focused on the addition Number Bonds to 10 and some to 20. We also reinforced our knowledge of doubling single digit numbers.

In Literacy we read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and the boys enjoyed retelling this story. The boys have continued to work hard on their cursive handwriting and they have worked on ‘oy’ spellings in class.

In Understanding the World we have been busy planting our bean seeds and we look forward to not only monitoring their germination but also documenting the process by completing a Bean Diary.

006 006 - Copy

The Star Boy rota begins again on Tuesday, we start as we have done in alphabetical first name order. Our new theme for presentation and discussion is that of growing. Boys are encouraged to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and discuss the differences between themselves then and now.


What a puppet show!

Yesterday Miss Hawkins and her Year 6 class visited RA to show the work they had been doing in DT. The boys had designed and made puppets. These puppets were not only sewn by the boys but they had also added circuits to their puppets so they could light up.

The Year 6 boys entertained RA with their wonderful puppet show.

010 013 012 011

031 030 029


Welcome Back!

So lovely to see all the boys back in on Thursday. We hope you had a restful Easter break.


On Thursday all the boys attended a whole school assembly and our Space Cadets informed us that our seeds have now arrived from the International Space Station. They are now kept in a controlled environment in the Science Labs and we look forward to monitoring their progress.


The boys have settled back quickly to the routines in school and we have revised all phonics and number work covered last term.


Yesterday the boys were fascinated by the news that our Queen was celebrating her ninetieth birthday!



In Computing the boys used Purple Mash to create complex repeating patterns. 001 002

Have a lovely weekend!