A Minion and a Ninja Turtle

Yesterday the boys were treated to a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt. The PTA treated all the boys to an early Easter treat. A Minion and a Ninja Turtle kept an eye on the proceedings. Year 3 boys helped RA to find and sort the clues on the hunt.

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Can you smell the chocolate?

Easter is almost here and the boys have been very busy preparing. The boys have made beautiful baskets in Expressive Art and Design lessons. Yesterday, with the help of Mrs Hillcoat the boys made chocolate nests.

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In Maths this week we have been learning about halving. At the beginning of the week the boys divided shapes into halves using a ruler. Yesterday we looked at halving numbers. 076 077 078

In our Literacy lessons we have continued to look at Fairy Tales. This week the boys sequenced pictures from Jack and the Beanstalk. Once they completed this the boys then wrote the story.


Just a quick reminder we break up next Thursday at 12.00, thank you.

Have a super weekend!


PAT dog visit today.

Mrs Demetriou kindly brought her dog Cally to visit RA today. Cally is not only a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog but also part of the Stroke Rehab dogs team and works with stroke survivors to aid in their recovery. Mrs Demetriou explained how important this service is for those people recovering from an illness. The boys were fascinated by the good work that Cally and Mrs Demetriou do outside of school.

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What did we take away this week?

In Maths this week we focused on subtraction. The boys all wrote their number sentences in their books and worked hard to solve them.

We also reinforced our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes and the boys were challenged with describing different shapes to each other. This was a tricky, yet enjoyable activity.

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Year 3 boys came back to see us with their beautifully written and illustrated alternative Mr Men books.

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In our Understanding the World we have been looking at sinking and floating. The boys enjoyed predicting which objects would float and which would sink. They were particularly interested in the tangerine as it floated with the skin on and sunk with the skin off.

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Have a lovely weekend!


We have not had much time on our hands!

What a busy week! In Maths we have been looking at time. We have focused on the analogue time and in particular o’clock and half past. The boys have enjoyed making clocks that they can use to help them.



In our Understanding the World lessons we have learnt why people use wanted or lost posters and the boys created a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf.


Mother’s Day preparations have featured heavily in our Expressive Art and Designs sessions and we are also in the process of completing two new display boards linked to The Jolly Postman.


We were not only visited by Year 7 boys this week but by Year 3 boys too. The Year 3 boys were discussing their ideas for new Mr Men books and will return next week with the finished product.

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The boys also took part in a Guided Reading session. They really enjoyed reading together. 043 044 045

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!



Celebrating World Book Day!


The class today was filled with a plethora of space related characters. It truly felt like a film set!

The boys have enjoyed a wonderful whole school assembly and have taken part in space related activities.

This morning the boys have designed and made a space craft. We were joined by some Year 7 boys who helped with the designs and construction.



These are the brilliant space crafts!

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The boys have also decorated the door to the classroom. Please come and admire our Jolly Postman!