All measured out!

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful and enjoyable half term break.

This week in Maths the boys have been looking at measuring using non-standard units of measurement such as cubes and hand spans.

The boys have compared different lengths and have used vocabulary associated with measuring. Here you can see two boys comparing their heights.


Here the boys are measuring the sink unit using their feet.



The boys have also used balance scales to weigh different objects comparing those that are heavier, lighter or the same. The boys have also been encouraged to make predictions with regards to objects being longer, heavier or lighter.




In Literacy this week we have started our new Topic of Traditional Tales. The focus book this week is the Jolly Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. The boys have written letters to the three bears pretending to be Goldilocks and apologising for eating the porridge and breaking the chair! All the boys thought of wonderful ways of making the bears feel better.

In Expressive Art and Design the boys have been busy creating a Jolly Postman and decorating flower pots.

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On Tuesday the boys took part in a Perform Drama Workshop. This 25 minute workshop was led by a drama teacher. The children were asked to be brave as she needed to train them to be Superheroes to help save Planet Earth from global warming.

Using drama, dance and singing, the children went on a high-energy, interactive mission to help solve the crisis learning how to ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ and understand the important role we all have in preserving the Earth’s resources.

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Just a reminder that Thursday is World Book Day.

Have a great weekend!


A week of celebration!

We began our week with Chinese New Year. All the boys learnt about the story behind the naming of the years. All boys were fascinated by this. The boys learnt about the importance of dragons and how the colour red is lucky and symbolises good fortune.

In Expressive Art and Design the boys created their own Chinese Lanterns. 022 023

It was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday this week and the boys not only enjoyed talking about the ingredients but also measuring them to create the batter. The boys helped to mix the ingredients together. At lunch time the boys were treated to pancakes for pudding.

In Literacy lessons the boys have written interesting facts about Chinese New Year and also detailed instructions on how to make a batter mix for pancakes.

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In Maths this week we have continued to focus on subtraction. We have also looked at money again in relation to giving change.


The boys have been inspired by the thought of seeing the seeds from space and have drawn space themed pictures which are on display in the theatre foyer. Please visit there and have a look as they are splendid!


Thank you for your continue support and enthusiasm this half term.

Have a wonderful week!


What can you take away today?

We come to the end of another busy week. Our Maths focus this week is subtraction. The boys have learnt all the different terms associated with this operation. We have used a variety of methods to help us take away, including using our fingers or counting back.


In Literacy this week we have looked at writing instructions. All the boys wrote comprehensive instructions on how to pack a suitcase for a hot destination. We have also looked at sentence structure and sentence order. The boys really enjoyed putting together sentences.



We have continued to reinforce all phonic sounds learnt in Reception and we are all beginning to build a bank of tricky words to use in our writing.



Continuing on with our Understanding the World focus, this week we have learnt facts about the Sun.We also talked about light and shadows. We had a lively discussion and the boys shared a lot of information.The boys created a fact file to showcase their knowledge.



The weather has been kind to us this week and the boys have enjoyed their time outside.

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Have a superb weekend!