Money, money, money!

We have been looking at money this week. The boys have learnt about the coins that are currently in circulation as well as some of the notes.

The boys have taken part in many practical activities to help reinforce this concept. We even opened our own shop!




Here the boys are playing a money bingo game.


This week we have also been looking at how we can represent data. Linked with our focus of weather the boys were asked which is their favourite. We first created our class pictogram and then we transferred this information onto a class bar graph. The boys were intrigued by this new way of showing information.



As you can see, sunny weather was our favourite.


Linked with our Understanding the World focus the boys have been busy creating Winter scenes and creating amazing snowflakes.

005 006 004


In our Literacy sessions we have looked at rhyme and the boys have written poems about snow.

Now we have learnt all the Jolly Phonics sounds for Reception we are busy reinforcing these sounds and we are beginning to learn to read and write some tricky words.



The boys are here using their phonics to write words and sentences.

008 007


The boys have also enjoyed digging in the garden. Our newly planted vegetables are growing well and we are looking forward to a good crop.

In the classroom we are currently growing courgettes.

Have a lovely weekend!


A puzzling week!

We were fortunate to have the Happy Puzzle Company visit us this week. The boys were given age appropriate yet challenging puzzles to solve. All the boys enjoyed the opportunity to work together to complete their tasks.

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Linked with our Understanding the World focus of weather this week the boys have written their versions of Noah’s Ark. Our Maths focus links with this as we have looked at doubling numbers and terms relating to capacity. The boys enjoyed investigating different sized containers and describing the amount of water in each and the classroom looked as if there had indeed been a flood!






Our weather station is now operating and the boys are really enjoying predicting and observing weather. Fortunately this week we have experienced so many different types of weather!


In our Expressive Art and Design sessions the boys have been painting rainbows and completing collage on clouds.





This week we have completed our Jolly Phonics programme so far. We have focused on ‘ue, er and ar’.

During Busy Finger time the boys loved using calculators, they particularly enjoyed showing their friends some very long numbers!

028 029


Have a wonderful weekend!



Our first full week of 2016

This week our phonic focus has been the digraphs ‘oo, ou and oi’. The boys have used these to make new words and write some sentences.



Here you can see the boys during small group work. They are writing the new phonic sound in their Literacy books.


We started our Topic of Weather in earnest this week and we have been lucky to experience so many different types of weather, even snow!

The boys listened to the story ‘The Wind Blew’ by Pat Hutchins and the boys then created their own version of the story. These individual stories have been collated and placed in a wonderful class story book for all to read and share.



Linked with this Topic the boys have been sewing rain in EAD sessions. They have really enjoyed the challenge and are all proud of their sewing.

003 002

In Maths this week we have focused on addition. We have looked at 1 more or 2 more than a 1 or 2 digit number. The boys have been writing number sentences and they have used Numicon and cubes to help them. We have also begun to learn our number bonds to 5 and touched on number bonds to 10 as these are really useful.


The boys have had a virtual tour of the earth via Google Earth and today during Mr Donohoe’s assembly they were able to see the earth as Tim Peake did on his space walk.


All boys have now been given their log-ins to Mathletics. They have also used this software during their Computing lessons. Happy counting!


Have a superb weekend!