Track Santa!

Leading up to Christmas Day you can help your sons track Santa. Please use this link



If you would like to see Santa busy in the North Pole please use this link





It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The boys have been working hard again this week. They have learnt the digraphs ‘ee’ and ‘or’ and have been writing their Christmas cards. 018


On Monday we looked at the traditional carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The boys then wrote up to date lyrics for this wonderful carol. Our Maths focus was linked to this song as we have been learning about ordinal numbers.

Today we have enjoyed our Christmas lunch. The boys looked really festive in their Rudolf hats.

022   025In Understanding the World the boys have looked at many traditions linked to Christmas, including carol singing and Christmas trees.


During this term the boys have created a visual alphabet in their Computing lesson. As you can see they are very impressive!

019 020


We hope you enjoy looking through the work that the boys have taken home today.


Thank you for your continued support.


A little request

We are sending the costumes that the boys wore in our play home today. We would be very grateful if you could wash these and return them next week.

We would also ask that every boy in our class sends in a bag for life so that they can all take home their wonderful Christmas crafts.


Thank you for your continued support.


What a performance!

Well, what a busy week!

We started this week focusing on prepositions. The boys wrote about the journey of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. They described how he flew over and across many iconic buildings.

Continuing on from this on Tuesday the boys were challenged to located the compare bears in the classroom. The bears were numbered and the boys were asked to tick the position of the various bears. The final challenge was for the boys to place a bear somewhere different and indicate on their sheet the different prepositions they could use to describe its location. The boys definitely rose to the challenge!

005 004 003 002 001


In our Literacy sessions this week we have been working on the digraphs ‘qu’, ‘ai’ and ‘ao’.

Our Understanding  the World topic continues to focus on Christmas traditions and this week we have learnt about the origins and history of the Christmas tree.

During ‘explore and learn’ time the boys have immersed themselves in Christmas craft activities and it was wonderful to see them working together to create a wonderful paper chain.

011 010

The boys have performed beautifully three times this week. We are very proud of them not just as performers but as a patient and attentive audience.

Well done Reception!

007 006


Have a wonderful weekend.


It has been a solid shape week!

This week our Maths focus has been 3D shapes. The boys have investigated, constructed, designed and drawn different regular and irregular 3D shapes.





The boys also played a shape guessing game. The boys were paired up and placed back to back. One of the boys was challenged with describing the properties of a 2D or a 3D shape which they had chosen. The other both needed to guess the shape from the verbal description given. All the boys were most definitely great shape detectives!




The boys also reinforced their knowledge of 2D shapes and used the plastic straws to construct regular shapes.



The boys have been busy writing and colouring their labels for the presents in Santa’s Workshop. I know that the elves will be very grateful for the extra help, especially as there are only 21 days until the big day!


The boys have also enjoyed using the class computer and they have created some vibrant pictures.




We have launched into digraphs this week and the boys have used ‘ch’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’ to make new words. Many boys have begun to write sentences with their words and have found being able to write ‘the’ really useful.

Our Understanding the World focus is Christmas Traditions. The boys have learnt when the first Christmas cards were sent and why.

We have also been busy rehearsing for our Christmas performances next week. We are very much looking forward to seeing you there on Thursday and Friday morning.

Have a brilliant weekend!