RA’s butterflies

The time had finally come for us to release our class butterflies. The boys have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow and seeing how they have changed over the last few weeks. The butterflies were released into our garden on a lovely sunny afternoon. We hope they come back to visit us soon.


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RA’s Bake Sale

After a morning of decorating, pricing and general excitement it was time for RA and the other classes in Preprep to hold our Bake Sale. The boys became shop keepers for the afternoon and did a wonderful job of serving all our visiting customers. It was a valuable experience for the boys and I know they had an amazing time (even if it was all too tempting being surrounded by cakes all afternoon and not being able to touch!)


What an amazing day!


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Sports day

We all had a wonderful time at the Preprep sports day! After months of practicing our various activities it was Reception’s time to shine. The boys participated beautifully in all the different sports and showed incredible sportsmanship. I think a crowd highlight was the space hopper race! It was lovely to watch the boys having so much fun and I know they are looking forward to next year!

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Lea Valley Farm

Reception went on our first school trip to Lea Valley Farm! After a thrilling coach journey which involved a lot of “this is the way to my house,” we arrived at the farm and our willing parent helpers. We had a quick look at the animals before heading off on our tractor ride to the milking area of the farm. There were lots cows of different ages and being able to see how they grow was a wonderful experience for the boys. We got to see the milking parlor and the many cows they use to make the milk.

Next came the most important part of the trip to the boys; lunch and a play in the adventure area. Following lunch we were able to have a more indepth look at all the different animals and even feed some of them.

The boys had such a magical day at the farm and both myself, the Reception staff and the boys are very grateful to our parent volunteers for being so helpful and a valuable asset to our trip.

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Bottletop art!

After months of collecting and sorting all the bottle tops, it was finally the day we got to make our flower. The boys took complete ownership of how it should look and where the colours should go. The boys developed their fine motor skills during this activity as sticking the bottle tops to the frame was very intricate work.  It was lovely to watch them working together as a team to complete the flower and they were so incredibly proud of how hard they worked.

Our flowers are now proudly displayed in the Reception garden so next time you drop off your son, have a look. Its amazing to see the hard work done by not only Reception but also Years 1 and 2.





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The boys were very brave when we were visited by Zoolab who brought a wide range of creepy crawlies to see us. Our instructor told us lots of interesting facts about all the different animals and we even got to look closely at them, some closer than others!! Some boys were very brave and even held a cockroach and a snail! The Reception boys also got to see a snake and a tarantula, although luckily these stayed in their cage or in our instructors careful hands.

Reception had so much fun seeing all the different animals and asked lots of insightful questions, some we had to research further when we got back to the classroom.

I know the boys learnt a lot from this visit and cant wait for our next close encounter of the crawly kind.

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