A very busy time in Reception

We have been incredibly busy in Reception over the last 2 weeks.


We have been learning all about graphs. The boys learnt how to draw their own graphs and then ask a question to their friends in order to be able to collect their data. The boys had lots of fun asking their friends a question and finding the appropriate part of their graph to colour in.




We also have been learning about the weather and this week we looked at rainbows. The boys were very lucky and were able to visit the science department to see a rainbow using a prism .

IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0946

Mrs Barry showed us how if we held the prism in front of the light and moved it a rainbow would appear! We learnt a clever new word called ‘dispersion’ . I wonder if the boys can remember what that word meant?


The boys in Reception have been very helpful to each other. It is lovely to watch them help each other put their coats on before we go outside.







Today in PE we practiced negotiating a space without bumping into each other. Each boy moved around the hall whilst standing in ‘their special space’ inside a hoop. Each time they bumped into each other they had to sit down and wait for a high five from the boy they had bumped into to show that everything was okay. ┬áThis is a very important skill the boys are learning at the moment and we will be continuing to work on next half term .


Also Mrs Cuff has provided me with this link to a website that she uses in her music lessons with the Reception boys.


I hope you all have a lovely half term and a well deserved rest.

Miss Colhoun