Our first half term!

Welcome to the Reception Ash blog! We have had a very busy first half term ! The boys have been working very hard and had lots of wonderful visits.

We had a visit from Perform Drama who transported us into Space and we became aliens for an hour! It was lots of fun and we got to work together as a team !

Perform Drama IMG_0631


The boys were very lucky and were able to watch Tall Stories perform ‘ Emily Brown and The Thing’ . They thoroughly enjoyed this play and found it very funny to watch. The adults seemed to  enjoy it as much as the children!

Tall Stories IMG_0646

The boys were also very lucky to participate in a Lego day . They worked together with their peers to make ducks and cars! Once they had made their cars they were able to race them against each other.

Lego Day! IMG_0694 IMG_0712

Mr Walker also came to visit us in Reception. He showed us pictures of his office and told us all about his job . The  boys got to ask Mr Walker lots of questions including several about the spinning chair in his office and his favorite car  🙂

Mr Walker

The boys have also been learning about lots of different religious festivals. We had a visit from Adnan’s mummy who told us about the festival of Eid  and how they celebrate it at home. Mrs Mehta and Mrs Shah also visited us dressed in their traditional dresses and told us all about the festival of Diwali . It was wonderful to discover all about the different festivals and the ways they celebrate them.

Religious celebrations IMG_0758 IMG_0768


It is now time for half term and a well deserved rest for the boys ( parents and staff 🙂   ).

I hope you all have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you all after our break.

Miss Colhoun