Half Term

Over Half Term you could

  • continue to practise spellings (please note the next test will be on Thursday 5th June due to the school trip).
  • continue to use the Purple Mash and Mathletics websites.
  • go on a 2D and 3D shape walk (see previous blog post).
  • write about anything you have done in a Holiday Diary.

I hope you all have a lovely week, see you on Monday June 2nd!


We’re Going on a Shape Hunt

This week we have been revising 2D and 3D shapes. I have suggested the boys might like to go on a “Shape Hunt” at home! Firstly, they could look for objects at home and in the garden that are 2D and 3D shapes. Then they should try and name the shapes. You could also discuss the properties of the shapes with them eg How many corners, edges, faces etc.

Have fun!


Reception Play

Today Mrs Cuff has sent home the script for the Reception End of Year Play. She has highlighted the part your son will need to learn. Mrs Cuff has said that anyone who can say their line by the Wednesday after Half Term will get a sticker!

Many thanks to the parents and grandparents that have offered to help on the school trip, we really appreciate it! I have sent home details of a “Helpers Meeting” on Thursday 5th June and some “Lochinver Helper Guidelines”. Please do try and attend the meeting as we will be talking through the plan for the day, letting you know who you will be accompanying and giving you information about the farm.

Many  thanks!


Sponsored Tiles

Many thanks for all your designs and donations for the Sponsored Tile event last week. It was a huge success and the boys had a great time completing their tiles. They took a great deal of care over their work and should all be proud of what they produced. Here are some of the boys hard at work.

DSC00191 DSC00192 DSC00193 DSC00194


The tiles will be going on display in the near future by the stairs up to Year 2 so….watch that space!


Money, Money, Money!

This week at school we introduced the boys to some simple money activities. We worked on coin recognition, adding 1p and 2p coins and we even counted in twos! If you are able to continue to practise doing this at home it will really support what we are doing in school.

Some boys chose to play a money game on the computer. If you would like to play at home you can use this link


Today we will begin to solve simple division sums. This will be done in a practical way where the boys will physically share items between groups. I will also be introducing them to the division sign. Again, if you are able to support this at home it will really helpful.

I have been pleased to hear that the boys are enjoying the Mathletics activities at home. They are very excited about the points they are scoring! If you haven’t had chance to use this website yet please have a look as there are some great activities on there.

Thank you!



Purple Mash

There are some really lovely activities on the Purple Mash website linked to “Plants”. If you get chance, you might like to have a look.

Phases 5/7 – Science – Plants

Also, the boys have brought home a letter and log in details for a new website called Mathletics. They haven’t seen it before so if you have chance to shown them over the weekend it will be completely new to them. They will be shown how to use it at school over the next few weeks. It looks great fun and provides lots of opportunities to practise maths skills.

Just a couple of reminders

  • Please could we have all the sponsor forms and tile designs in as soon as possible. The boys will need to copy their design on to their tile on Thursday. If we could have them before Thursday it would be really helpful so we can sort through them all.
  • If you haven’t brought in the trip permission slip please could you bring it in on Monday. We are quite short of volunteers this year so if you are able to help we would really appreciate it.
  • If you would like to have a go at making play dough please look through past blog posts for recipes. The boys really enjoy playing with the dough and are especially proud to use dough they have made themselves!

Thank you!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Green Fingers

I hope all the bean stalks are growing well. The boys are very excited to tell me about the changes to their plants and it has been lovely to receive some photographs via email!

This week the boys have written some instructions about how to grow a beanstalk. They wrote in small groups of 4 and their work is displayed in the classroom. It would be good if you could look at other examples of instructions eg in a game, a recipe etc. You could encourage your son to have a go at writing some different instructions eg how to get ready for bed, how to make a sandwich etc.

Here are some photo’s of the boys hard at work carrying out their writing task!

DSC00181 DSC00182 DSC00183


In maths we have continued to measure different object using cubes. We will move onto simple weighing at the end of the week (heavy / light / balanced). Any activities you can do at home to practise measuring length / width and weighing will really support what we are doing in class.



Just a few things to let you know before the long weekend.

  • Please can the Star Boy bring in something interesting to show the class from now on. It could be an object, souvenir, photograph, print out from the internet or anything else that the others may not have seen or heard before.
  • The boys are all bringing their bean seeds home today. We have talked about how they can look after the seed at home (water, sunlight, warmth etc). I suggested that they may even plant it in the garden once it has started to grow! If the boys want to share their beans progress with the class over the next term I am happy to receive photographs via email.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday!