If you would like to help your son learn the words for Away in a Manger you can use the link below. This is the music we have been using in class

Also, we have been learning about “one more” in school today. Any opportunity to reinforce this as home would be great! The boys have been rolling dice and calculating “one more”. They have also been using the 100 square to jump on “one more” starting at different numbers. This can be extended to “two or three more”.

Have a lovely weekend!



Both Reception classes are working hard on the nativity play rehearsals. They are doing a great job at remembering where to go and what to do. They can’t wait to show you all their play next week.

Here are a few photos from todays rehearsal as a little preview for you!







A Message About Christmas

This year at Lochinver we are trying something new. Instead of writing Christmas cards to individual boys we are encouraging a combined project with the rest of Pre Prep.

Please could we ask you to make one small card or decoration with a general message to the whole class written on it. Your son will then be able to put his card / decoration on the Pre Prep “Christmas Giving Tree” for all the boys to see.

This will be a more environmentally friendly project; especially if you make your card or decoration from recycled materials!

We are suggesting that the money saved by not buying individual Christmas cards could be donated to charity.

Have fun making your contribution and I look forward to seeing the “Christmas Giving Tree” in the Pre Prep foyer very soon!


Shapes Everywhere!

This week we have been naming 2D shapes. The boys enjoyed using shapes to make pictures.


Why don’t you look out for different shapes in your house or even while you are travelling to school? ┬áMaybe you could let me know what you find?


The New Half Term

DSC09843 DSC09844 DSC09845 DSC09846

As you can see from the photographs, the boys in RA have settled back into school well. They have all been very busy this week and have enjoyed the start of our new topic “Homes and Buildings”.

I hope you all received your Learning Journal via email over the holiday. If not, please let me know and I will send it again.


Next week we will need

  • a photograph of your house
  • an empty shoe box
  • a small toy animal to go in the box

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!



Before Half Term Mrs Mehta talked to us about Diwali. We all made a clay Diva and decorated them with bright colours. We hope you like them!